Al Futtaim center

January 31st 2017


Al Futtaim center is a secluded and small shopping mall located in the heart of Deira. Al Futtaim group is a large and well-known commercial construction group with many malls, banks, and building under their name. This small mall is one of their lesser known works. The size of the mall however has not affected the defining points of Al Futtaim centre, which is why it receives a steady flow of loyal customers even if is not the first name that comes to mind when talking about Dubai shopping.

Let’s see what this mall has in store for the shoppers:

·    Outlets and Shops:

While Al Futtaim is small, it never falls short in providing the vast range of services and stores in its premises. Starting from its own line of retail jewelry, Al Futtaim offers an array of options that are unique and difficult to find elsewhere. The uniqueness of the jewelry alone attracts numbers of customers to this mall. Then there is the globally recognized international brand of toys, known as Toys R Us. This toy brand is known for their largest production and supplies of toys and since Al Futtaim center have the biggest outlet, it appeals to the youngsters and families and is often crowded. When looking for exceptional toys for the kids, this is the place buyers visit.

 Another outlet in Al Futtaim center that outshines others is the huge Mark & Spencer store. This brand covers a large range of apparel for both men and women, and even offers all kinds of wears from formal to casual to swimwear. When shoppers have a short list in hand, limited time, and high-Quality in mind, they make a beeline to Al Futtaim centre because it guarantees a high class shopping experience in record time. In addition, there are several more stores in the mall that offers various trendy and chic clothing for adults and kids. Other than that, the optical stores and pharmacy takes care of the day-to-day necessities.

·    Entertainment:

One would not expect any kind of entertainment in a small shopping center like Al Futtaim, but when fans of exotic jewelry, families with kids and even adults with a taste for elegant dressing get tired after hours of Dubai shopping, this mall has something to unwind them. The huge Mark & Spencer store has a tiny and cozy little cafe that offers an assortment of delicious cakes, variety of coffees, and other scrumptious confectioneries.

There is a treat for the kids as well. The play area called Kids Play together is an interesting addition for the kids to have a good time, while the adults shop or eat some good food in the adjoining food court.

·    Contact information:

Al Futtaim shopping centre is the kind of place to visit when long-winded shopping is not on the list. The Al Futtaim group is credited for constructing some globally recognized shopping centers in Dubai including the famed Mall of the Emirates. In comparison, Al Futtaim is the opposite, not in class but in its ambience. Where other malls are overwhelming and awe-inspiring, this one is small and cozy.


Contact at:  +(971) 4 2277553
Fax. +(971) 4 2270906