Al Khaima

October 15th 2016


Most of the restaurants in Dubai serve Arabic food, but at Al Khaima, visitors can get Arabic, Middle Eastern, and Lebanese food at really affordable prices.

The Atmosphere

As you enter the restaurant, the picturesque beachside is the first sight that greets you. You can dine al fresco by the water too. Out of all the restaurants in Dubai, Al Khaima is one of the best spots for visitors to enjoy warm and friendly Arabic hospitality with traditional flavors of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. Youngsters who love enjoying evenings with friends can have shisha at this beachside setting.

Moreover, Al Khaima is among the restaurants in Dubai which is surrounded with palm trees, sumptuous gold and purple velvet drapes, and private majlis tents. Additionally, the indoor dining is small as there is a lot of space for outdoor dining. Be it a casual family dinner, friend’s gathering wedding ceremonies, receptions or corporate parties, this restaurant is a perfect fit for all.

The Chefs

The team of chefs is highly qualified and knows how to serve their customers well. The overall staff is really friendly and greets you with a smile. Once they get to know you, they greet you on first name terms on your next visit. They value their customers and try to serve them with the best of services. Waiters help out every first time visitor with the wide range and selection of dishes.     

The Scrumptious Food

Al Khaima serves Middle Eastern, Lebanese, and Arabic cuisine which is why the menu list covers a wide variety of food items and classified in different sections including Cold Mezzeh, Hot Mezzeh, and Charcoal Grill. Seafood lovers can enjoy fillet of Hammour, grilled rock lobster, and baked sea bass with olives and potatoes.

You must not miss trying Al Khaima’s special items, Koussa Mashi which is stuffed with baby marrow with minced lamb and rice and tomato sauce, Shish Barrack is one the special dishes which would make you come at Al Khaima everytime. Diet conscious people can order salads, lentil or vegetable soup, or light side dishes.


Along with delicious food and soothing atmosphere, visitors look for entertainment. Live Arabic band and traditional Egyptian folk dancing makes the perfect Arabian night out with your loved ones. Guests can have Arabic entertainment at its best at Al Khaima. This restaurant plans a specific entertainment program. Every Thursday and Friday 21:30 to 22:30, visitors can enjoy Belly dancing. Music lovers can dine in on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 20:15 to 00:00 and enjoy live Arabic band music. This is not it; Tannura dancing is also scheduled on every Thursday 21:15 to 21:30 and 21:55 to 22:10.     


If you are planning a visit to Dubai, don’t leave out dining at Al Khaima from your itinerary. You can reserve your tables online from here. If you have any queries, contact +97143165550 or email at