Al Mamzar Park

September 4th 2016


The mesmerizing city of Dubai has all the elements of fun that a tourist can dream of. From hotels to museums and from resorts to parks, there are so many places to visit in Dubai that the list is almost impossible to complete. This is also why a large numbers of tourists book their tours to Dubai for the first time, and are so enthralled by the city that they keep visiting it again and again.

Although a booming metropolis with buildings made of metal and glass, nature has its hold over Dubai and tourists can enjoy themselves at many different parks here. However, the parks are not just for strolling around. Al-Mamzar Park is one location where you get to experience nature along with fun. Its versatility makes it a park cum resort.

Grass Fields to Stroll Around In

Like all the other conventional parks, Al-Mamzar Park has many green fields where you can stroll around. Its vast green land comprises of 55000 square meters. Meanwhile, the whole park covers an area of 106 hectares, with many activities that can often take you the whole day to complete. The open restaurants, the swimming pools, and the huge number of trees and flower beds around the park fill the space with color and crowds alike.

Surrounded by the Beach

The five beaches that stretch across the park have many entrances and activities for beach lovers. There are three main and many small entrances to the park which allow pedestrians as well as cars to enter into the premises for a day of fun. Tourists in particular, will love the quaint charm of the beaches at Al-Mamzar Park. Shades, chairs, summerhouses, changing rooms, watchtowers and lifeguards are facilitated at the beach for swimmers or spectators.

Barbeque and Snacking Areas

There are twenty eight areas furnished with modern and elite barbeque sets, umbrellas and seats, and grills; facing the fifth beach. With so many different foods to eat, there’s nothing that you’d see missing on the menu.

Gaming and Sporting

Athletes’ training areas for both adults and children offer lessons to enthusiasts. Sports like jet skiing, boating, skating are facilitated for lovers of the sports.

Apart from the sporting areas for adults, children can also enjoy games like modern sledges, rock climbing and jungle gyms.

Musical Indulgence in the Amphitheater:

The park is also home to a theater where many musical ceremonies and events are held with classical to country music being played for people of all preferences and age groups. The live orchestra plays the music, with new tunes being played each time.

Aside from the beautiful theater, there’s also a tower in the center of Al-Mamzar Park, which gives a bird’s eye view of the entire area. This is the place where people become mesmerized by the greatness of the park, as well as by everything that’s available here.


If you are searching for the most exciting places to visit in Dubai, then Al-Mamzar Park should certainly top the list. For more information, call +971 4 296 6201.