Al Mamzar Shopping Center

January 31st 2017


Al Mamzar Shopping Center offers a small yet refreshing Dubai shopping experience to the residents of Dubai and Sharjah along with the hoard of tourists that visit the city. Located on Al Ittihad Road and bordering the neighboring Sharjah, Al Mamzar Shopping Center prioritizes the convenience of its shoppers. The mall’s prime location places it near the mesmerizing beach area and to the Dubai International Airport. This way, tourists can enjoy a fun day as soon as they land in Dubai or even when they are flying out.

Al Mamzar Shopping Center is for those shoppers who like to keep their shopping routine short yet authentic. The number of shops is less when compared to other massive malls in Dubai, but the commodities available provide a cultural and bona fide shopping experience.


Outlets and Shops:

Al Mamzar Shopping Center has 65 stores on its premises and some are so exclusive that their only outlet can be found here. Keeping in synch with the Arabic fashion scene, most outlets provide custom-made abayas along with inspired accessories to go with them. But the choice is not limited to this. There are a number of stores offering western wear for men and women as well. The assortment of diversified jewelry is also a treat for shoppers.  

One mesmerizing shop that is only situated in Al Mamzar Shopping Center is Asa Light where an optimum collection of chandeliers are offered to the customers. Some believe they make the finest chandeliers in the city. And then there’s the shop, Saifal Dawka, which inhibits beautiful hand woven carpets and rugs.

Aside from traditional wear and western offerings, the mall also offers a treat to those who love to keep Arabian perfumes in their possession. There are also themed stores, little chic boutiques, as well as home ware, kitchenware and souvenir shops. The gift shop too, provides just the right collection to take home for family and friends.

Natives also take full advantage of the supermarket Al Maya for grocery shopping.



The mall has two floors and alongside the shopping outlets, it also offers a nice and safe kids’ zone for the little ones to enjoy their day while the adults shop. Retail therapy is not the only thing that provides entertainment to the adults. There are a number of salons for a day of pampering and indulgence.

And when all is said and done, the shoppers can also treat themselves with delicious pastries and hot beverages in the cozy little Italian Cafe.



Al Mamzar Shopping Center is a small yet riveting mall with its beautiful fountains, smooth elevators and a serene environment. The mall is always kept clean at all times. There are also various trading companies and other services to meet the needs of shoppers.


Timings and other information:

Reaching Al Mamzar Shopping Center is not a problem. The Dubai Metro is a quick mode of transport to drop you off at the mall.  The mall management can be contacted at +971 4 203 5000 or can be written to at


Opening hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

ü  On Friday:   02:00 pm to 10:00 pm