Al Qudra Cycle Park

September 5th 2016


There are many people who want to stay fit but are quite tired of following all the strict regimes. Daily gym exercises and weightlifting may take a toll on your health. Why not try a better alternative? Dubai tourism is at its peak and so many establishments are boasting about top notch services that are actually easily rivaled. Want to get an experience that will blow your mind away?

Feel the wind caress your hair as you whiz past the sandy desert. The smooth roads have been especially designed to give you comfort and joy of a good ride. Take part in annual cycle tours overseas no matter what your age or ability. All this is the proud presentation of Dubai Roadsters. They are a diverse group of riders who have a variety of skills and fitness levels. They gladly invite other riders to join them in cycle races and tours. The best part is that they charge no fee! So live your passion and experience the challenges.


AL Qudra Cycle Path

Named after the road, Al Qudra cycle path has recently been finished and consists of two paths. They measure about 86km, the first track stretches 18 km and runs beside the north side of Al Qudra Road.  The track will take you off the first R/A and then on the bridge over the Dubai Bypass Road. Travelling on you’ll move on the intersection of Bab Al Shams Road and AL Qudra Road where the two tracks eventually meets. This will ensure that you get a long distance ride. This track is more suitable for the enthusiasts that are passionate about a long distance exercise.

The second track has a loop and is a beautifully designed, 50 km track that passes through the dunes and the infamous Bab Al Shams Hotel. If you want to enjoy the view from the hotel, you can stop there for a cup of coffee and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. Beginners and advanced cyclists alike can participate in this tour on Friday mornings. And on Saturday mornings, join the popular Bab Al Shams coffee run that is organized by Cycle Safe.

Dubai Roadsters also offer other runs such as Nadd Al Sheba Cycle Path, Dubai Autodrome, Yas Marina Abu Dhabi, Al Barsha Park, Mushrif Park and Jumeirah Open Beach Track. Most of the bike parks are lit at night so you get the best cycling experience, even by night.

Opening Hours

The members of the Church meet at the Dubai Evangelical Church Centre, located at Jebel Ali Village, on Friday at 10:30am.

There are numerous places that are a source of increase in Dubai tourism, but fail to provide high quality services to their customers. On the other hand, Al Qudra Cycle Park will fulfill your passion for cycling and keep you fit and healthy. You can contact them on +971-4-339-4453 or visit their website to get more information on new packages and deals. Have a nice day!