Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre

February 16th 2017


The Middle East is not unfamiliar with astronomy which is at the heart of all Islamic sciences. They include astronomy and the use of empirical data and moon sightings to determine Eid days. And now, with technological advancement comes a state of the art astronomy centre like no other in Dubai. Dubai has seen much advancement in the past few years that not only includes educational but cultural progress as well, making it truly, an international city.

The Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre located in Mushrif Park is home to the largest active public telescope in the entire Gulf. This is being done to ensure that Dubai becomes a hub to scientific research. This centre is made by the Dubai Astronomy Group and includes many interesting aspects for people to delve into and be inspired from. The purpose is also to attract young minds to actively take part and interest in the sciences and be contributing members to the field in the future.

The telescope is about 2.5 meters, which is quite a size for one to look into. There are also some smaller telescopes to view other stars and constellations. The centre features a theatre which features movies and films about space (including documentaries) and an auditorium for astronomy and space related workshops and seminars. The observatory will also be taking school and university tours and will welcome research students into its facilities as well. The centre claims to be open 24 hours a day which is quite a promise but then again, you can’t be surprised because its Dubai.

The tours normally would last 2 hours and would cost Dh 50 per family. The centre updates its displays and exhibits every 6 months to always stay updated because technology is ever changing and that too, quite rapidly; just like space, which is expanding every day.

Dubai is famous for its party and entertainment scene but this centre will be a one of a kind attraction which is surely not to be missed by anyone. It aims to develop public interest in the space age and show others that despite being a city of lights, the stars can still be viewed easily by the large telescope within Dubai.

It will be a hub for space and astronomy enthusiasts, students, researchers, teachers and the generally interested visitors. Additionally, the magnanimity of the entire solar system is so awe inspiring that it must be shared with the public, both local and international.


The Al Thuraya Astronomy Center was a much needed addition to Dubai so be sure to check it out.