Armani Amal

October 11th 2016


If you are looking for one of the finest Indian restaurants in Dubai, then Armani/Amal can truly satisfy your needs. It is one of the top Indian restaurants in the city. It is present on the third floor of the exotic Armani Hotel in Dubai. The great hotel is housed in eleven floors of the wonderful Burj Al Khalifa building.

Amazing Quality

The Armani/Amal restaurant similarly celebrates everything that is sleek, classy and in style according to the great traditions of the Armani brand. Everything is of the highest standard here and visitors find it very difficult to spot a problem in this amazing restaurant.

The top restaurants in Dubai are mostly attached with high quality and such is also the case with Armani/Amal. The restaurant is famous for servicing exotic curries and amazing beverages that can delight not only an Indian but anyone looking to eat high quality food.

Wonderful Ambience

The restaurant provides a stunning view of the famous Dubai Fountain and simply offers a unique eating experience. There are not many restaurants in Dubai which can outmatch this hotel in terms of location and food quality.

If anyone is looking for great Indian food served with great hospitality, then they should go nowhere other than the Armani/Amal restaurant. The excellent service offered by the staff is only outmatched by the great ambiance of the location. Overall, it can be an amazing experience to eat at this place and people who visit here like it so much that they keep returning to this amazing Indian restaurant.

Dining Burj Al Khalifa is a prospect that can bring excitement for all. It is also an excellent location to hold small parties. Everyone who visits here talks about having a great culinary experience which makes it one of the top restaurants in Dubai.

Great Food

The starters at this restaurant are amazing and the main course is hard to beat by any other Indian restaurant anywhere in the world in its food quality. The restaurant is also famous for having a lot of variety in a menu that is catered to especially serving the Indian customers.

There are excellent Tandoori dishes on offer which are matched by some great curries as well such as the amazing chicken curry. It is an excellent restaurant that needs to be visited by everyone in Dubai.


Dinner: 7 pm to 11 pm


Lunch: 12 pm to 3 pm every Saturday