Armani Deli

October 18th 2016


The restaurant is situated in the confines of Armani Hotel in downtown Dubai. Positioned at the foot of the tallest skyscraper of the world, the restaurant starts its business from 12 in the noon till 11 at night.

A circular elevator guides the customers downstairs to the restaurant from the lobby of the hotel through dimly lit passageways. Someone from the wait-staff shows the way to the patrons to the lounge. The dark but comfortable and cozy environment invites the customers to relax and enjoy one of the finest casual Italian delicatessens.

The Ambience

The restaurant presents a perfect breathtaking view of the jets of water spraying from the Dubai Fountain if you happen to occupy a seating beside the windows. But the best thing about the restaurant is the availability of outdoor seating in a terrace right in front of the picturesque spectacle. The inside lounge is decorated simply with elegant furnishings.

The restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere to celebrate family occasions. If you have infants accompanying, then comfortable high chairs can be requested.  The musicians create a classic environment with the gentle melodies which enhances the exquisite dining experience.


There is a wide variety of menu and the customers have the option of ordering a la carte or collective meals for business lunches. There is a diverse range of European cheeses, pastries, risottos, pastas, desserts and sauces available. The blend of classic and contemporary Italian cuisine provides an ultimate dining experience to gourmands.  Whether it is Jerusalem artichoke risotto with robiola cheese and toasted hazelnuts or fresh gluten free bread, the mouth watering meals and desserts will leave you craving for your next visit.

The chefs and the waiters are extremely down to earth and cater to the individual requirements quite well. The accommodating and amicable staff pays attention to you even if you are seated in an extreme corner.


The restaurant accepts multiple payment methods. You can make the payments in cash or pay the charges from your credit or debit cards.  Apart from the fine dining experiences the patrons have complete access to a free Wi-Fi, an outdoor seating arrangement on the terrace and baby chairs. There is also a bar which serves alcohol.

Even though the prices may seem exorbitant, you will realize that they are worth the overall experience.

There is parking available, however, if you do not wish to park the vehicle yourself, you can acquire the valet parking service as well. Wheel chairs are also present for the ease of injured or aged customers.


If you still haven’t paid this wonderful restaurant a visit yet, then make arrangements for the coming weekend. You can make reservations beforehand by calling at +971-4-888-3444 and booking a table for two or as many people as you want. It is highly recommended that you do this to avoid the possibility of finding the Italian restaurant packed with customers.