Armani Ristorante

October 18th 2016


Nestled in the confines of Armani Hotel Dubai, this is one gem that most people don’t get to hear about that often. The place is open for business at 7 in the evening and the front door lights are not turned off till

11: 30 pm every day.

Visiting this place, you will find that there is always this sense of occasion and celebrations here. The interior of the place is what anyone would expect from a venue affiliated with Armani, it is minimal, it’s clean, and the colors scream crisp; nothing that would be left out from a luxury setting.

The Atmosphere

What is the best thing about the setting? That’s easy; it is the view. The Ristorante has the best view of the Dubai Fountain; quite possibly the best in the area. If you can make sure that you request a table that is closest to the windows.   

Every course that you try you will discover is created to perfection. No aspect is looked over, or not good enough. The service is very professional and there when you need them (Check out their uniforms, Armani). Some may find the place a bit pricey but by the end of your visit one realizes that the establishment makes up for it as well.

The Food

What more should you expect from a multi award winning restaurant? And rightly so, the place delivers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Everything edible is high end Italian. Patrons have a choice between hand rolled pastas served with semifreddo, sea bass, and bruschettas.  All of the classics are available here. And they all are mouth watering. The food does its best to complete the classy affair.

If you can, ask the staff for one of their specials, you may end up with an extraordinary looking dish that you have never tasted or seen before.



The Ristorante offers everything that one would expect from a fine establishment where you get to unwind for the day. Apart from exquisite luxury dining on their dinner menu, patrons have access to the alcohol menu; free Wi-Fi, and seating arrangement that suits them.

If you plan on taking a special someone to Armani Ristorante, it is going to cost you around AED 800. The place accepts both cash and credit card payment.

One trip to this place will make you realize that this place is meant for couples, honeymooners, people who prefer to relish scenery wherever they go, trend seekers, as well as well people who are interested in architecture and design. One trip to Armani Ristorante will set your standards on what a stylish eatery really looks like.


If you still have not visited this place and tried one of their exquisitely plated delicacies, make plans for the weekend. You can always call at 04 8883888 and book a table for two. It is recommended that you do this, lest you reach the Italian restaurant and find that you have to wait in queue at a busy night.