Caribou Coffee

March 21st 2017


Are you in Dubai nowadays and looking for a great place for coffee? Just like you, there are some serious coffee lovers who like spending money on coffees that have the authentic coffee taste and are made with authentic coffee beans. Dubai is a place where you can find multiple such coffee houses.

Among those, Caribou coffee is one of the few International coffee shops in Dubai that has multiple branches and does not fail to amaze people. They don’t just have multiple branches of Caribou Coffee in Dubai, this coffee franchise has won the hearts of coffee lovers globally. Besides Dubai, it is also located in Muscat, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, and more. 

Caribou Coffee: Your Spot to Unwind, and Sip Authentic Coffee

Coffee is serious business for all coffee connoisseurs, and the yare always looking for authentic coffee made from genuine beans. The team at Caribou Coffee believes that every little bean matters in making the coffee. The coffee served at the  Caribou coffee can help you stay up all through the night if you are willing to make your assignments or do studies for exams, work on an important presentation.

The unique thing about the coffee served at Caribou Coffee is the way it is brewed and prepared. The team is committed to select some of the best green coffee beans in order to roast, blend and keep the beans fresh and brewing. The team ensures that they only accept the highest-quality beans and utilize the highest standards at every single step, regardless of the cost.

Additionally, Caribou Coffee also sells socially responsible coffee. This means that they sell coffees that are made from ingredients that are ethically sourced. The team makes sure that they choose 100% certified Caribou coffee beans, in order to secure the rainforests. They believe in selling socially responsible coffee so that they can support sustainable agriculture practices. This is why they partner-shipped with Rainforest Alliance, and are considered one of the most committed and socially responsible coffee shops in Dubai.

Caribou Perks

As the name implies, Caribou Perks is a way of achieving rewards from the coffee shop. On getting the Perks card, you can earn more and more rewards.

On every visit to Caribou coffee, you will be able to earn points. This would then multiply your benefits and rewards. Customers can even pay with the membership cars if they have enough points and don’t want to deal with cash.


Caribou Coffee has variety of coffees and food items in its menu. From classics, blended, specialty, coffee, desserts and other sections, you can enjoy snacks in this coffee shop at any time from early morning until midnight. If you are a cheese cake lover, you can make a perfect combo of your favorite type of cheese cake and coffee.


If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of coffee in Dubai, you need to go to Caribou Coffee. The pleasantly bitter and freshening taste will make you want to come back again and again.