City Sightseeing Dubai

August 31st 2016


It won’t be wrong to say that Dubai is the city that portrays the true essence of modernity. However, the city is not just limited to modern advancements; rather, it is actually the land of diversity that has several natural aspects worth exploring.

Due to the versatile nature of the city, there is long list of exciting things to do in Dubai. However, it is not that easy to keep a proper track of each of them. But, there are numerous trip advisors in Dubai to help you out. One such reliable company that plans out your tour is City Sightseeing Dubai.

City Sightseeing Dubai is regarded as one of the finest travel and tourism service providers based in UAE, which specializes in customized and high standard packages, offering tourists a glorious glimpse into the rich Arabic lifestyle. Read on to discover what exclusive packages the company provides to facilitate its customers and enable them to make the most out of their trips.

City Sightseeing Tours

City Sightseeing Dubai has a number of city-touring packages that are conducted on different timings and cover different regions of Dubai. It is up to the tourists to either select the bus tour or boat tour to explore the city. There are seven different types of road tours that the company offers. Each of them is denoted by a distinct color. The red bus takes you round the old district of the city and gives you a fine tour of the city’s local market and shopping centers. On the other hand, the blue bus gives you the invaluable opportunity to explore the spectacular view of Burj Al Arab.

When it comes to boats, City Sightseeing Dubai gives you the exclusive chance to enjoy the scenic beauty of Dubai’s aesthetic creek in the traditional Dhow boats. They take you all the way to Dubai Marina and allow you enjoy a closer look of the city’s skyscrapers.

Desert Safari

When it comes to exploring Dubai, your trip cannot be regarded as complete until you get the exclusive chance to explore its magnificent desert. It is actually true that the desert looks magical when the sun sets in the afternoon. City Sightseeing Dubai’s Desert Safari is certainly the best way to experience life in the desert. The roller coaster ride of dune bashing and the thrilling sand boarding are going to fill your heart with the excitement of adventure.   

Following this, you can relax in authentic and private Bedouin camps; smoke the traditional shisha, and enjoy belly dance performances on comfy cushions and Persian rugs. You can also apply traditional Henna onto your hands. This tour package of the desert includes barbecue, Arabic coffee, desserts and freshly baked bread along with a camel ride in the desert.

If you have any query about these trips or want to know more about things to do in Dubai, visit the official website of the company, or give them a quick call on +(971)3167506.