Creekside Park

September 6th 2016


Among the many places to visit in Dubai, going to a park might not be on the top of your list, but after you’re done with your desert safaris, fishing trips, dhow dinners and spa weekends, going to the park to help yourself wind down might seem like a good idea. Dubai is an exciting place which won’t let you down if you’re looking for adventures, but if you want to stay close to nature and even be by your lonesome self, Dubai knows how it can help you keep that balance.

Creekside Park is one of the many places in Dubai which give you a chance to enjoy your time with your family without spending a lot of money, so even if you have plans for a simple picnic in the park, Creekside Park will be your first choice.

Creekside Park offers many things for young and old, some of which are mentioned below.

Botanical Garden

Since it’s a park, it’s obvious that there will be a lot of greenery, but that’s not all. The west side of the park houses a botanical garden filled with gorgeous flowers and plants such as palms, spiky cacti etc. For the plant lover, this is the place to be. Well-maintained and clean, the botanical garden is one place which will surely give you the feeling of satisfaction as you take in the fresh scent of nature around you.


Creekside Park may be great place for a picnic or a BBQ, but a picnic in Dubai is nothing if not unique. Along with horses, camels and pony rides, you will also get the chance to catch their Exotic Bird show and Dolphinarium. If you’re too tired from all the excitement, you can hitch a ride on the electric trains which will take you on a tour of the whole park. If not, then you can simply get some bikes for hire and tour the grounds. The park also offers mini-golf courses so you can have some fun. Along with that, if you’re not afraid of heights, then you should definitely get a view of the city skyscrapers by getting a ride in the cable cars, all available at Creekside Park.

Nature Walk

Dubai is a modern city, and in no time at all, you’ll find places such as ski-slopes and one of the world’s biggest aquariums to entertain you, but if you want to wind down and simply enjoy your own company, then just go for a walk by yourself. With plenty of space to relax and get away from the city, the landscaping is designed to give you the best view of the creek so you can relax to the sounds of nature, or simply drift away as you watch the seaplanes take off.


Creekside Park isn’t just your average place in the city so if you’re looking for a good place where you can enjoy some family bonding time without burning a hole in your wallet, then a walk to the Creekside Park is the best option for you.