Deep Blue Sea Diving

September 8th 2016

Scuba diving is one of the hottest and most exhilarating activities in Dubai. It is not just an activity for thrill seekers, but also for people who want to take an adventurous journey through the wonders of the deep sea. You will get the chance to see some fascinating marine animals and underwater sights that will surely astound you. Numerous diving companies in the UAE provide scuba diving classes and leisure diving services to multicultural tourists that come from around the world. Picking one out of these might seem like a difficult task. However, Deep Blue Sea Diving Centre is a famous diving centre in Dubai and most locals and foreigners know them well for their excellent services and courses.

Running this centre as a commercial professional diver, Fawaz holds valid PADI certifications and has built quite a reputation for himself  among expatriate and national residents of Dubai. In the UAE, this centre is renowned as one of the most well established diving centers, which aims at providing people with quality and safety training.

Highly qualified and sociable team members run this centre in a friendly and hospitable manner. They keep innovation as the major area of focus and provide excellent courses for amateur and professional divers. Some of their diving courses include:

The Open Water Dive

In the scuba training courses, the open water diver course is the most popular one and is famous all over the world. With this course, you get to learn about the essential skills and knowledge that will help you to have unlimited fun when underwater. At the same time, it teaches you about the ways you can stay safe while diving. Once the training period ends and you earn your certification, you will be able to take the underwater adventures on your own to depths of about 18 meters. You will get the chance to explore some truly fascinating natural underwater sights without any expert supervision.

This course is open for everybody with good health and above 10 years of age. Children who are below 15 years earn a junior open water diver certification. This certification gives few restrictions to ensure safety and good health. Children of this age limit only get the permission to dive in shallow water depths of about 12 meters. Parents, guardians, or professionals must stay around all the while to attend and keep an eye on the children at all times.

Rescue Diving

Most people describe this as the “BEST EVER” course in this vein and believe that it is the most rewarding and fun course. Professional rescue divers instruct you about the basic skills and knowledge you will need for situations that may go wrong. It helps to build a stronger confidence levels for all divers by first introducing them to pool situations and then running situations on the sea. This course is excellent for people who want to take their diving skills to the experienced level. After completing this course, you will be able save yourself and others in demanding situations. This course is also open for people of ages 10 and above.

For more information on thrilling scuba activities in Dubai, visit Deep Blue Sea Diving Centre now on their website or call them on +971 4 430 8246.