Divers Down

September 6th 2016


Have you ever found yourself worried about running out of activities in Dubai? Obviously not; there is so much to do in this amazingly vibrant city that such a possibility is completely improbable. In fact, tourists are always striving to pack as many activities as they can in the limited time available, and still having to forgo more than half. Among the hundreds of activities here, there are some one simply can’t afford to miss when in Dubai, diving being notable in this regard, what with the dozens of diving clubs sprouting up all over the city.   

With the diving sport gaining immense popularity in the United Arab Emirates, a lot of different companies, big and small, old and new, have popped up in Dubai providing diving courses, trips and excursions. Divers Down is one of the leading scuba diving facilitator-it provides scuba diving courses, as well as leisure diving opportunities.

Operating in Dubai since the year 2001, Divers Down has worked itself up through remarkable services and dedication to be a Professional Association of Diving Instructors’ (PADI) 5 star International Diving Center (IDC) Dive Resort. Let’s take a look at what makes Divers Down special:

Travel Club

You won’t find it anywhere else. The Divers Down operates a successful, fully functional Travel Club. This in particular is for the adventurous beast inside you; join the club and let it lose as you travel around the world to the most exotic and exciting diving spots.

With their most recent trips to places like Atlantis Azores in the Philippines Bohol, Florida Cave in the United States and Mexico Tulum, this club is a diver’s heaven. But the fun just doesn’t end here, as these almost week long trip include sightseeing at adjoining places, stays in exclusive resorts and lots of other modes of entertainment.


The Divers Down offers a complete range of diving courses, for different levels of expertise, for specialist diving, for casual diving and for PADI certified diving. The courses can take place either on the coast of Dubai or Fujairah and they will continue even if you’re the only person in the session.

The instructors at Divers Down have been teamed together from across Asia and Europe and combined they possess a well of experience and knowledge that is unparalleled by other dive facilitators. The atmosphere is good for families and gives a club like feel, and offers great learning.

Divers Down is rapidly becoming the 1st choice for locals and tourists who have a thrill for learning scuba diving or simply want to take pleasure of a leisure dive. Courses and pleasure dives have no minimum numbers, and they operate 365 days a year.

When cherry picking activities in Dubai next, keep Divers Down in mind. Register yourself for one of their courses or maybe just take a pleasure dive into the ocean with friends and family. You can get through to the management of Divers Down by calling at +971 92370299 or by simply emailing them at info@diversdownuae.com. For further information, visit http://diversdownuae.com/.