Dolphin Diving Services

September 6th 2016


There are plenty of activities in Dubai to keep you busy for your entire vacation there, even if you are a local. The city has a lot to offer to anyone who has a zest for life. For those of you interested in water activities, learning to dive is a fun way to spend your time- and the Dolphin Diving Services might prove to be the best solution for your diving experiences.

Established in 2003 as a commercial diving company, Dolphin Diving provides a wide array of expert, professional services for the Oil Gas Industry and the Maritime Sector. With its head office located in the Al Qusais Industrial Area 1 of Dubai, Dolphin Diving has excelled in providing hazard free environment to keep up with customer expectations along with adopting the Quality, Health & Safety Management System for constant improvements.

Earning an excellent reputation in a very small period of time, Dolphin has now recently established the "Commercial Diving Training School". It aims to provide people with a hi-tech platform into the professional diving industry. Although a commercial venture, but due to its affiliations with Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and of International Diving Schools Association (IDSA), these people can make you learn how to dive like a pro.

Their Services

Dolphin Diving provides all kinds of underwater and near water commercial services that include shark netting near beaches, jetty constructions and repairs, welding and cutting underwater, pipeline installations, block placing, ship maintenances, salvage work, non destructive testing surface and sub surface and underwater photography and videography.

They are renowned for supplying all kinds of diving equipment both for commercial and leisure purposes, whether you’re a professional or an amateur. Their commercial divers have international accreditation and ensure professionalism and expertise when meeting your requirements. These divers go through regular stringent training sessions to keep them up to date with the volatile marine environment.

Combining distinct approaches, experience and knowledge of the marine environment, their teams are capable of comprehending the complications associated with marine projects. Their work practices are reliable, safe, and efficient when achieving the client’s objective. They have built a reputation on the superior quality of the product and cost-effective solutions and practices.                                                                    

Whether you are looking for diving gear for an upcoming expedition with friends and family, wish to be a commercial diver or just simple learn to dive like a pro- Dolphin Diving Services is a fine option to consider-you can also call them in for any of their services that you wish to acquire. For those of you who are least interested in water activities/sports, there is still a host of other activities in Dubai.    

For more information and details, if you wish to contact the Dolphin Diving, call them up on +971 42674332 or you can also email them at Their official website is in case you’re curious about activities and services.