July 28th 2017


5 Great Things you Must Know About Dubai


Are you interested in having a unique traveling experience filled with luxury?

If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Dubai is one of the luxurious destinations that has gained popularity in the past decade. The pleasant and sunny weather all year round, many great attractions, entertainment venues, fine dining and luxury shopping make it the perfect destination for many diverse visitors. Here’s why.  


1.    You Don’t need to know Arabic to get around

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, you don’t need to be fluent in Arabic to get around in Dubai. Almost every other person you meet will speak English. From the hotel staff where you’re staying to the high end restaurants where you go to eat, everyone is fluent in English.

What’s more? Many high end hotels here have German, Chinese and even Russian employees so you can communicate easily in your native language(s). It’s a melting pot of many diverse cultures.


2.    Speaking of Getting Around, Taxis are available to get you from A to B

Taxis are available in Dubai and are less expensive than other holiday destinations. Whether you want to go to the Dubai Marina or your hotel directly from the airport, any 40-km ride will cost you around AED 80-100 (Dirhams) which roughly translates to $28.You have the option of paying by cash or credit card.

But what if you want your own private Chauffeur driven limo?

You’re in luck, 5 Star Hotels have Chauffeur-driven cars available if you need to go classy.


3.    The Events in Dubai are Gorgeous

Dubai is the place to be around new year’s eve. Dubai even hosts many events all year round from Musical Concerts to sports events like the Dubai GP. Specifically speaking about new year’s eve, many tourists come in from all over the world.

But why?

If you’ve never been here to witness the water fountain display near the Burj Khalifa amidst the crazy fireworks, you may never know. *Wink Wink*


4.    When’s the Best Time to Visit Dubai

The best times that you can visit Dubai are between October and May. The weather is great in the months between with plenty of sunshine and warmth to go around. January and February are ideal as the temperature for the evening falls to a pleasant 12°C to 14°C with a few rainy days thrown in the mix.

End of the year parties at Dubai are awesome to go to, and you’re lucky that they fall on the calendar right before the best months to visit, weather-wise, begin.


5.    The Clothes you wear are not an Issue

Wearing relatively decent clothing that covers you till below your knees is acceptable in public places. So whether you’re visiting clubs or malls you can be fine in clothes of your choice.

There’s some good news too!

You can wear bikinis and other beach wear at your hotel or resort and at public beaches in Dubai.


Bonus: Keep your Glasses and a Pashmina Shawl close


It can get a bit windy and sunny at times. So take this opportunity to show off your Ray Bans and soft Pashmina Shawl.