Dubai Bowling Center

September 8th 2016

For all the players out there, Dubai is their playground. Since it is the adventure capital of the Middle East, Dubai has been hard at work to show the world that when it comes to having fun, the city is second to none. Along with the many places one goes to, for fun in Dubai, you wouldn’t expect a bowling alley to be one of them, but for all the bowlers out there, you haven’t lived if you haven’t bowled once in Dubai.

Going for a desert safari, or parasailing and deep diving might be one of the top of your list of things to do in Dubai, but what about the times when you just want to settle down and play something which doesn’t throw your heart in your mouth with extreme excitement. The Dubai Bowling Center is the hottest bowling spot in Dubai, and whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you can go and bowl with the satisfaction that whether you hit a strike or end the ball in the gutter, you will have the most fun ever.

Here are just some of the activities offered at Dubai Bowling Center.


Bowling is a team sport, so if you’re in the mood to beat someone in a bowling match and celebrate as a group, then you can team up as a league and go for the match. Most bowling leagues meet once a week for some competitive bowling, but don’t worry about getting too rowdy, because at Dubai Bowling Center, it will all be played in good fun. While some of you might get a bit competitive out there, remember that you’re in it to have fun, not to win a trophy. For beginners, you will have the help of professional bowling coaches who will help you learn the basics of bowling and learn the skill.


Even if you’d rather watch the match then play, you can do so by watching the tournaments. Hosted each year, you will be able to watch the match while eating something from the cafeteria. With professional bowlers pitted against each other, you will be in for a competition viewing which you won’t forget in a hurry.


Bowling parties aren’t something which went out of fashion with the 80s. Dubai Bowling Center is the best place for you to have an energetic party with the people you love. Whether it’s a reunion, a social get-together, a birthday party or even a team building outing, you will surely have fun as you knock those pins over and celebrate.


Not that much of a bowler? No problem, because this will give you enough time to taste some of the delicious mix of varied cuisines at the Fiesta Zone Café Restaurant. From a basic burger to delicious pizzas and steaks, your favorite meal will be cooked to perfection and served to you in time so that you can have the best food experience one can imagine.


Along with this, you can also try your skills in their snooker area or simply relax while puffing on some Sheesha upstairs. Among all the things to do in Dubai, bowling might not seem like fun, but once you experience the fun at Dubai Bowling Center, you will keep on coming. So if you want to know more about the place, then go to their website at or call +971 4 339 1010 to book a reservation.