Dubai Legoland

February 16th 2017


What do you do when one of your favorite childhood building blocks toy has its own amusement park? Go crazy, right? That’s right, it’s none other than Legos!

Legoland. It’s a great place for kids aged 2-12 and leaves the kids wanting more every time they come.  Most of the people grew up playing with Legos as kids and remember building their first piece of block art with pride. The best part of Legos is that there are so many possible ways to build something and it challenges the minds of kids to the max. Well, Legoland is the amplified version of that because it has so much to offer to the young ones. It’s the first international amusement park made for kids in the UAE.

The park is designed exclusively for kids and first opened to the people on October 31, 2016. It is gaining immense popularity among children. It is the first park to open in Dubai Parks & Resorts, which is a huge zone created specifically for theme parks, located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are a total of 9 Legolands worldwide with Dubai having the only one in the Middle East. This Legoland is modeled just like the rest with the same international standards, but then again, it is Dubai we are talking about and everything in Dubai is at par with global standards. Whether its food, entertainment, amusement or shopping, Dubai has it all and even better in many cases.

Even though there are other theme parks opened in Dubai but they aren’t specifically made for kids like Legoland. Many people had complaints that there isn’t much for their little kids to do in other theme parks due to this reason alone. Legoland is the answer to all those worries. It’s a place where children can explore the possibilities with Lego blocks at a grander scale.

It not only has rides and activities for young ones but a mini shopping strip for the parents to spoil them with. Here, you will find a huge collection of Lego toys available to purchase along with other Lego themed paraphernalia like clothes and accessories. The park is divided into different zones. You first enter through the Factory—where kids get to see how Lego toys are made. Then you reach the Miniland—an air-conditioned dome which leads to the 4 main themed lands of the park:

·         Lego City

·         Adventure

·         Imagination

·         Adventure


They also have a 4D Theatre and have different show times for that and entertaining puppet shows that the kids will just love.

There is a lot of detailed work, which is quite impressive, especially for a children’s theme park. It shows how much thought was involved in building the park. There is a separate Legoland water park adjacent to it as well which is equally fun if you are looking to beat the heat. If you are in Dubai, then take your kids for a day full of fun and entertainment.


Timings: 10 AM-6PM


Phone: +971 4 820 0000