Dubai Marina Walk

September 6th 2016


Vacations are certainly the best way to spend leisure time with your family and friends. And if you have chosen an ultra-modern and super luxurious city like Dubai for your holidays, your trip is undoubtedly going to be the most memorable event of your life.


The city of gold is packed with so many bustling activities and fascinations that it will leave you dumbstruck. Whether it’s Dubai’s desert safari in the morning or sightseeing at night, you are going to love every single moment spent on this land of adventures. However, along with providing you with so many thrilling activities, Dubai is also the perfect destination to soothe your mind and relax your nerves. So, what is the best way to enjoy the serene and tranquil ambience of the city? Maybe, it’s the Dubai Marina Walk.


Dubai’s beaches are known for portraying an unbelievable and mesmerizing harmony between the architecture of the city and its surrounding natural beauty. This is the reason why most tourists visiting Dubai say that if someone wants to experience the ultimate peace of the city along with its bustling excitement, Dubai Marina Walk is the best way.


Although there are several monuments and other architectural attractions all over Dubai that leave people astounded, but the Marina is the hub where a number skyscrapers are located together, reflecting their exquisite beauty in the blue sparkling water of the sea. Read on to discover what else is located on this path to offer you immense pleasure.



Restaurants and Exotic Views

Dubai Marina Walk is a walking path built along the coastal line of the city. Here you can enjoy a morning or evening walk, while listening to your favorite playlist and breathing through fresh sea breezes. Marina Walk is lined with some of the most succulent food stalls that sell edibles from different cultures such as quick Arabian snacks, Italian and Chinese munchies and more.


If you are not very fond of exploring the city with tour guides, and prefer to discover things on your own, Dubai Marina Walk is the way to get started with your journey. The beautiful scenery of the Marina, along with backdrop of perfect blue sky and setting sun, will fill your heart with a refreshing energy to keep continuing your exclusive Dubai exploration journey.  


Whether you prefer a solitary, early morning walk or an evening walk to connect with others and watch the dazzling skyline, the Marina Walk would not disappoint you. You can come here either to refresh and clear your mind after a stressful day or week at work, or you could come to spend the whole day with your family to enjoy wonderful sights of the city and delectable food items.


You can also opt for a cruise instead of walking to witness a picturesque view of Dubai. After dusk, the skyscrapers look striking against the backdrop of sunset and with night lights. It is one of those typical sights that you would definitely want to retain in your memory.


The best time to go for a walk at Marina is when the weather turns pleasant. Most of the construction is complete and visitors already have loads of good stuff to say about Marina Walk. Since there are different restaurants, you get to choose the food according to your liking and mood. Here, you get to break free from the shackles of everyday life and it’s one of those places where you get to be you, in your own timing and spend quality time with family or friends.


It’s a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with family and make new friends. Have a good time with family, talk to other pedestrians and eat according to your preferences. This is not a place where going once is enough. Each trip of your gets better since Marina Walk has newer things to offer. The cool breeze, yachts, refreshing sound of the canal, variety of eateries and the skyline – what more can you ask for to unwind?  


  Whether you are a nature lover or architecture lover, plan to spend an entire day at the Walk. You get a glimpse of the Jumeirah beach area – Arabian Gulf – along the way. If walking being to exhaust you, you can always take a break for lunch at any restaurant.


You may have guessed correctly that weekends are the busiest time for the walk and it may slow you down along the way. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying – you can always plant to go with friends or family during the week. Some people find it easier to use the public transport instead of their own transportation to avoid getting stuck in traffic and having to find suitable parking spots.


Marina Walk always has exciting things in store for you. The location is a typical hot-favorite to host public events, especially Cobblestone Boulevard. Moreover, the Covent Garden Market provides you with delicate arts and crafts, local clothes and hand-made accessories.


When you want time-out, you could bring your bicycle to enjoy more than just exercise – a posh location, a leisurely stroll, great views and people cruising along the canal.  This place can be your quick favorite for your evening jogs or runs.


Therefore, plan a trip with your family, friends or alone. This is your go-to place if you want to spend your money well. You won’t be disappointed.   



Marina Yacht Club

The Dubai Marina Yacht Club located here is exceptionally beautiful and offers a holistic view of Dubai’s Beaches and the skyline. Furthermore, here, you can book yourself a Dhow boat to explore the night lights of the city through and enjoy a subtle Dhow boat dinner. Whether you are going out for a walk or a dinner or simply for a stroll, the Dubai Marina Walk is surely one of the most interesting places to be at within Dubai.


So the next time you are visiting Dubai, don’t forget to hang around at Dubai Marina Walk and enjoy the serene architectural glory of the city.