Dubai Safari Park

February 16th 2017


Dubai is home to anything and everything these days. From some of the best and one-of-a-kind hotels to the biggest malls, it is a one stop shop for shopping, luxury and entertainment. Now it’s diving head on and playing with the big names when it comes to theme parks and resorts.

It has record breaking visitors every year and many more attractions are being added to the already long list of things to do there. The tourism industry of Dubai had long been thinking of introducing wildlife to one of its local attractions but without including any animal cruelty aspect which is often seen in circuses and zoos in many parts of the world. Thus, the idea of Dubai Safari park was formed.

The Dubai Safari Park is a huge area which is over 119 hectares of land specifically chosen to bring in animals to live freely and openly. It cost around Dhs 150 million to create it. It is located in Al Warqa which is opposite to the famous Dragon Mart. It is built by the local Dubai authorities while conforming to the international eco-friendly standards.

One of the key features of this park is that it is includes solar power at many of its facilities to reduce any electricity wastage. They have also included recycling and water disposal units in an efficient manner as well.

The doors of this park will be opened in early 2017 after much anticipation and excitement because it took a decade in the making. The animals in the Dubai Safari Park include all the major animal species and many exotic animals as well. They include lions, elephants, antelopes, giraffes and many other creatures from different parts of Australasia and Africa.

This facility also provides refuge to animals that cannot be taken back to the wild. The main aim of this park is not to serve as some sort of zoo but as that of a shelter and home to animals as well as being educational to the public about wildlife conservation and welfare. The park is huge, therefore it cannot be seen in its entirety in just one day and will be a testimony to the world that wildlife is valued a lot in the Middle East. It will also have a hotel as well by 2020 and the minimum daily visitors are estimated to be around 7,000.

The conservation centre will be responsible for releasing many animals to the wild every year for breeding and will welcome students from schools and universities to educate them in terms of preserving animal welfare. This Safari Park will replace the zoo and will be giving a better learning experience to the visitors.


Be sure to add this to the list of exciting things to do in Dubai!