Dubai Silicon Oasis

September 6th 2016


The need for a 100% government owned free zone was realized during the establishment of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority or the DSOA. This led to a law made by the Government of Dubai back in 2005, stating that there should be an organization working to promote and facilitate modern technology based around the industries in the region. This development, in turn, is largely helping to expand the business market of the city. This Free Zone Authority provides incentives for free trade zones and benefits the companies that are within the tech park.


Overview of Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Tourism now offers visitors, who wish to work on a business idea, to take their plans and dreams to the Dubai Silicon Oasis. At Dubai Silicon Oasis, there will be a complete package of benefits and incentives awaiting those companies that are operating within the free zone. Dubai Silicon Oasis is a great opportunity for those who want to kick-start their business, but are hesitant. This may be the chance of a lifetime for those who have always wanted to have a business of their own.


Other than this, DSOA also offers an urban master living plan, i.e. a gated community boasting 7.2 million square meters that has been sub-divided carefully into 5 main pillars. It also provides its people with commercial, industrial, educational, residential, and public services. You will not find a better technology park, which boasts state of the art utility infrastructure that features electricity, road networks, and advanced telecommunication.


The Dubai Silicon Oasis provides a wide array of services and benefits to the businesses that operate within its structure. This includes a state of the art infrastructure, incredibly innovative business systems, solutions, and equipment. In addition to this, the DSOA also offers clean and eco-friendly location and facilities. You will not believe the benefits that come with a clean environment! The salient facilities provided by the DSOA are; state of the art office spaces, Multiple Use Warehousing and Manufacturing Possibilities, Land for Development, Conference facilities and amenities, such as restaurants, shops, banks, cafes and even a post office.  



Mission Statement

The mission of Dubai Silicon Oasis is “to develop a fully integrated, sustainable, and happy community through collaboration, innovation, and technology.”


Benefits in Dubai Silicon Oasis

The benefits provided to all the clients of DSOA within the technology park are endless. They are entitled to 100% foreign ownership and repatriation of capital. There will be zero income and corporate tax, there will be operations at lowers costs, and world-class IT infrastructures with many facilities within that center. For those who want to start their business, Dubai Silicon Oasis makes the perfect choice as there they will be on the fast track of business set up and licensing. There will be committed business support services that include online E-Business systems that offer fast and efficient services. The list of benefits is long in Dubai Silicon Oasis making it the best community for you and your family!


In-house Services

Affiliated with the UAE Government, the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority provides a number of in-house services, particularly relating to areas such as the Dubai Naturalization & Residency Program and the Immigration Authorities. Furthermore, the companies that are registered with Dubai Silicon Oasis and that operate within its free zone are offered services that are specifically designed according to their business’s requirements. The salient services that are offered by the DSOA to companies operating within its technological park’s free zone include: Customs Clearance, Business Registration and Licensing, Building Certification and Municipal Services. Futhermore, there are facilities provided to foreign clients that include Extensive Immigration Services and Employee Visa Processing, i.e. its issuance, amendment, cancellation or renewal and even issuance of temporary visit visas for any business partners, etc. 


Residential Communities

This is perhaps the first technological park to offer homes. Dubai Silicon Oasis provides several living options when it comes to its residential communities that offer homeowners and visitors alike a whole lot of convenience, innovation and security. With beautifully designed houses that include a wide range of state of the art and upscale residential facilities in the form of apartments, villas and gated communities, DSOA should be  your ultimate destination to plan your business side by side while you are living the ideal life.


In Dubai Silicon Oasis, you can find opportunities for entertainment and shopping as well, paired with a living and working lifestyle that is the cusp of this incredibly dynamic urban environment. Doing your dream business along with living in the perfect house with incredible facilities is what everyone desires to have. Dubai Silicon Oasis is making all your dreams come true!



Dubai Silicon Oasis is committed to endorse “technological collaborations & innovations” and the team is full of experienced technological people who have thoroughly studied the world’s top technological parks. This was done so they could identify the necessities for successful businesses. Because of this, the hi-tech ecosystem is designed for hi-tech organizations to interact and motivate each other so they all can thrive together. The ecosystem consists of six main elements that include large enterprises, start-ups & medium sized business, venture capital funds, universities and incubators, hi-tech infrastructure and government & business services. 



The lifestyle of Dubai’s silicon is very “smart.” Since it is known as a smart community, the silicon park features intelligent solutions that range from street charging-docks for smart devices to “smart” furniture pop ups and digital play tables. It also includes favorably designed bus shelters, piazzas shading and other necessities for the public. The “smart” experience brings the most important innovation for free! Free WiFi — that will be available to renters and visitors within the premises. All those who are residing within the community will get access to a diverse range of robotic technology solutions and innovative applications.



With Dubai’s tourism on an exponential rise, the establishment of Dubai Silicon Oasis is attracting quite a number of people. For more information, visit the website