Dubai Underwater Hotel

August 29th 2017


Hydropolis - A Hotel Under the sea

The Hydropolis Hotel and Resort is a one-of-a-kind hotel built underwater. It’s one of the many successful projects undertaken by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It’s spread over 260 hectares and truly a marvel of construction. The walls of the Hydropolis are actually made of Plexiglas panels reinforced with concrete and steel. This will allow guests to marvel at marine life.

German designer Joachim Hauser and Professor Roland Dieterle were the chief designers of this hotel. The estimated construction cost was roughly $702 million, thus making it among the most expensive hotels in the world. The idea was adopted from Jules Verne novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which also inspired the Jules’ Undersea Lodge, an American hotel based in Key Largo, Florida.


Layout of the hotel

The hotel comprises the land station, train and the hotel.

The land station covers an area of 30,000 square meters and shaped like a wave. Here, guests can visit others, board the noiseless train and use facilities, including: theatre, restaurant, conference rooms and marine research laboratory.

Guests are welcomed at the land station. They are then taken through a connecting tunnel via a train to the underwater lodging area – the main hotel – that houses the 220 suites.

The train travels through a 515 meter-long tunnel and is powered through an automated cable propulsion system. This is the best system for an underwater hotel train because the separation of train cabins from the motor minimizes sound of the train. Furthermore, with a separate motor, fewer mechanical tools would be required on the train with less need for repairs. The designers chose rubber wheels instead of steel to prevent noise from the train. It functions to provide supplies and transfer guests to the hotel.    

The guests can enjoy underwater views through the silent train as they are taken to the lobby and then to their respective suites. It is a massive hotel with a breathtaking view, literally. The connecting tunnel is vertical and the train cum submarine takes visitors and guests down to the depths of the ocean to their respective suites. It is a dream come true.


Location of the Hydropolis

The suites are located 20 meters below sea water of the Persian Gulf, offering a unique take on Dubai’s horizon. But a night at one would cost around US $5500.

It is a completely functional, self-proclaimed 10-star hotel that has only the world’s finest pleasantries. It is located near the Jumeirah beach in the Arabian Gulf. The Hotel has cost close to $1 billion to construct.

The dome of the hotel is made of plexiglass that is refined with steel and concrete to sustain the pressure. Guests can also enjoy facilities ranging from spa, cinema and restaurant to ballrooms. People are allowed to explore the hotel. The hotel receives nearly 3,000 guests every day who need to book reservations several weeks prior to their visit.

You arrive by helicopter to the Hydropolis hotel in the first place because there is no access to the hotel by road. Surprised? Read on.


The Philosophy Behind the Hydropolis Hotel

The Hydropolis has been constructed to reconnect man with water. Humans are nearly 80% water and there can be no life on the planet if there was no water. The hotel allows people to experience water like never before.

Even the lead architect and designer say that the hotel allows people to experience just how peaceful and inspirational the ocean is, without the need to dive deep or even swim.

Joachim Hauser and Professor Roland Dieterle designed the structure to represent body parts. The Leminiscate structure is shaped as figure 8 and was chosen to symbolize wisdom. The structures resemble body parts such as: nervous system, sinus node and cardiovascular system. The sinus node representation is situated at the center of the hotel.  


More Interesting Facts About the Hotel

Dubai already has an underwater aquarium in Atlantis, the Palm as well as an underwater restaurant along with a suite in Burj Dubai.

In the lobby, there are plans to have Disney do a fully underwater production of the ‘Little mermaid’ where divers would play the lead roles and robots would be used for marine life characters.

The areas above water will have a marine research facility as well as a cosmetic surgery clinic and conference facilities. The hotel will feature a ball room in the upper levels that will connect it to the adjoining facilities above water. The retractable roof of the banquet hall that is in the shape of a petal will allow the hotel to stage open air events. The ballroom will have the beginning of the tunnel which takes you down to the lobby and suites.

That’s not all; the basin spaces will have themed suites, meeting rooms and restaurants, while the lower levels will feature staff rooms, loading areas and the goods storage.

 The Hydropolis hotel is nothing less than something out of a James Bond action movie, and to visit it would truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore, this is your opportunity to see aquatic life in action. This is your must-go-to place if you enjoy being close to nature and breathtaking scenery. You can practically sleep under the ocean and wake up to brilliant scenery of marine life. The hotel’s state of the art facilities offer you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


The hotel is still in the stages of completion, which was expected in 2006 but couldn’t be due to high costs of constructing it and financial crises. It remained incomplete in 2015 as well. There are still inquiries whether the megaproject would be completed at all to become a reality. One thing is certain: when it does become a reality, it would be a delightful experience unlike any other with high-tech facilities and matchless views of aquatic life.