French Bakery

October 2nd 2016

The French Bakery is situated at the backside of the Shangrila Hotel on Al Safa Street. There are several other outlets scattered across Dubai. This is one of the restaurants in Dubai that is famous because of the mouthwatering confectionary items.

The Ambience

The atmosphere is pleasant. The dining area is extremely spacious and the décor give the eatery a rustic charm. The dark brown furnishings, terracotta tiling, visible arches in the architecture, bright lighting, confectionary delights displaced inside a glass case, all make the venue welcoming. The homelike ambience and a laidback atmosphere make it one of the best restaurants in Dubai where you can come and relax at any time. The service is remarkable and the courteous wait-staff is pleasant.

The Food

Do not be misguided because of the name for The French Bakery does not just serve cakes and confectionary delicacies. The eatery, however, is more popular because of the latter. The menu is full of a variety of other delectable French dishes apart from the bakes.  The eatery only uses fresh ingredients, most of which are imported from Europe, to prepare the meals. The salads are nutritious and appetizing.

The breakfast menu is gratifying with several options. The butter croissants, muffins, donuts, and cinnamon rolls are to die for. The sandwich es are a real treat to have here. The fresh lettuce and pepper mayonnaise make the roasted chicken bloomer sandwich even tastier. The lemon mayonnaise, rocket leaves and roasted pepper perfectly complement the shrimp bagel.

The pizzas are baked to perfection. The dough is rises accurately upon baking and the crust is fluffy while the base is sufficiently crispy. The toppings are adequate and the cheese simply melts inside your mouth. The pizza Margherita and pizza pepperoni are two of the most delicious ones. You can even opt for a combo meal which has the following three options:

·         A salad

·         A premium or a classic sandwich

·         A medium pizza or a quiche (pastry crust filled with savory ingredients) or a cheese roll

All of the three options are served with a delicious cake and a cold beverage or water. There is a large range of pastries available.  The strawberry cheesecake, gelatos and tiramisu are absolutely decadent. Apart from hot beverages, milkshakes, smoothies, iced coffees and frappes are also available to tantalize your taste buds. Every single thing that is served here is affordable and remarkable that it will simply enthrall you.


Apart from serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the eatery also offers take-away and home deliveries. The food is fairly reasonable and the guests can enjoy a sumptuous meal at a very low price. Payments can be made through credit cards or in cash. The diners can also make reservations before arriving. There is no bar available. There is an al fresco dining space available.


The bakery opens for business throughout the week and does not shut down at all.  

Contact Number: +971-4-343-6444.