Global Village

September 6th 2016


We live in a world where spending quality time with our loved ones – friends and family – is rapidly becoming a rarity. We tend to be so caught up in our everyday lives that even a small vacation comes as a welcomed repose.


Spending time with your loved ones increases the love and makes the bond stronger. Family or friends time should be a set priority as it gives you the sense of happiness you will not be able to find elsewhere. Talking of vacations, if you by chance are in Dubai, Dubai tourism has a lot to offer when it comes to a perfect day out with family.


The Global Village is a unique experience for family entertainment.  Whether you want to shop, dine, or simply enjoy a fun-filled day out with your clan, this place has it all. It will provide you all the entertainment and enjoyment you are looking for.


Located on Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Exit 37, Dubai, the Global Village has been entertaining masses since 1997. It provides you with unique insights into the cultures and traditions of 31 different countries that include Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, India, Tunisia, Italy, Iraq, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey, Singapore, the Americas, Africa and many more. With so many different countries and cultures, Global Village provides each country with the exposure and representation they deserve under one roof!


So, do you want to know what makes the Global Village so popular? Let us have a look and explore it together.


Special Attractions

With shows ranging from street performers to cultural, bespoke and stunt demonstrations, the Global village has a complete entertainment package for all of you. Global Village makes sure there is entertainment for people of all ages. However, these stage shows and roaming street performances are not the only things to look out for. There is so much more!


The Heritage Village is a walk-through replication of the historic desert village life. It allows you to witness the life of the early Bedouin tribes; how they lived, ate, camped, and reared animals. The focus of Heritage Village is to provide all tourists and civilians with the information they should know related to Dubai. It gives an overview of Dubai’s heritage, culture, and traditions. The visitors will see the crafts that were hand-made by the people and will be educated on their lifestyle.


Do you want to explore the world that existed under the ocean over 200 million years ago? Have you ever wondered how much the ocean has changed over the years? The Prehistoric Oceanarium is a 3D re-creation of prehistoric sea creatures that lived in the ocean centuries ago. It brings those marvelous creatures to life to give you a chance to discover their world. This facility gives you the chance to witness the underwater world right in front of your eyes. You will feel as if you are right in the middle of the ocean! The best part is that the mammals that are represented underwater are just as gigantic as they were in real life.


The most popular feature of the Global Village, perhaps, is the 3D Haunted House. Walk through a visually terrifying walk through the maze of horrors that is bound to make your skin crawl with all sorts of horrific objects and ample scares. It will leave you either not ever wanting to visit the place again or coming back for more. For those who get easily scared should stay away from the haunted house. Although there will be light in the house, there will be monsters that have been desperately waiting to scare you. Luckily, the monsters are not allowed to make any human contact, but sometimes their voice can be more than enough.


The Illumination World, as the name suggests, is all about lanterns and lights. For those who are hardcore Tangled lovers, this is THE place for you! It consists of emblematic landscape and architecture from across the globe. The architecture is highlighted through the use of lanterns. The Illumination World is also taking the initiative of spreading awareness about LED bulbs that save energy by consuming less electricity. 


The Global Village also features a Fantasy Island that houses almost 40 different rides for all ages and a number of fun games to keep you and your kids occupied and indulged. Fantasy Island has rides for those who are daredevils and for the ones who like to stay on the safe side. Be ready for the craziest adrenaline rush, as you will enter a different world when you are riding the G-force or The Odyssey. For those who do not mind confusion, there is a ride for you as well! Hop onto The Amazing Confusion and have fun feeling perplexed. Do not forget to visit Fantasy Island when you are at Global Village!




Shop your heart out at more than 3,500 shops present at the Global Village along with 150 different kiosks selling a diversity of products from around the world. Modern products, handicrafts, authentic food, beverages, fruits, the Global Village has it all.


Global Village offers a variety of goods from countries around the world. The shops range from clothes to jewelry and the traditional items from each country. The shops are categorized in two parts, the pavilions, and the retail shops. Each pavilion represents the country and the famous landmark in that specific country. They offer authentic foods and fabrics of that country to the country’s popular demands. The retails shops are more like souvenir shops where you get small objects related to the country. Make sure you get a hold of all of the country’s items as a reminder of Global Village.



Places like the Global Village definitely make Dubai tourism unique. To know more about this amazing place, log on to their official website or give them a call on +971 43624114.