Ibn Battuta Mall

January 31st 2017


Named after the famous traveller Ibn Battuta, this mall in Dubai definitely lives up to its name. Once you go there, it is a completely new world of adventure and exploration. There is a wide array of shopping options, dining, and entertainment for everyone. The mall is designed in such a way  that  it gives authentic Moroccan feels!


The Ibn Battuta Mall is a project by Nakheel, which is one of the leading mall developers of the Middle East. Some of their popular and successful projects are Al Khail Avenue, Circle Mall, Dragon City, and City Center Deira Mall.


The architecture of the mall—both exterior and interior - is predominantly Arab inspired and will give you a feeling of going back to the 13th century. The mall has beautiful architecture and it is divided into 6 major sections or courts, as they call it. They are made in accordance with the places the famous traveller and scholar Ibn Battuta travelled. It is a spaciously built mall with beautiful and lavishly designed interiors, corresponding to each of their own unique themes.



Overview of the Courts

·         Egypt Court: This court magnificently executes the ancient history of Egypt. It is beautifully decorated with Arabian lanterns and sandstone walls with vibrant colors to make it look even more appealing. This court has good fast-food stops, shops for women who love decorating themselves with accessories and a huge fitness shop!


·         Persia Court: The beauty of this court is the beautiful ceiling design. It displays the complex Islamic design that makes us go back in time and reminds us of the beauty of ancient art. When you have coffee at Starbucks, you will be enjoying beautiful ceiling art. This court is for girls who are make-up and perfume lovers. Find all your favorite products at Sephora. You can find Holland & Barrett (for all the health freaks!) in this court as well.


·         China Court: The Chinese court mimics the journey Ibn Battuta took to China. It puts emphasis on a giant dragon and a mammoth vessel that is surrounded by a fountain. This court has a peaceful vibe with its wooden flooring and palm trees. This court also has a cinema for all those who want to relax and watch a movie. One of Dubai’s most popular sheesha spots are also found in the Chinese Court.


·         India Court: There is no need to explain this court as there is a huge Elephant Clock that is placed in the middle of the court. This court is the one where all the tourists who love taking pictures are found. This court is the best option to go to when you are tired of shopping and want to pamper yourself. Head over to the N Bar for a beautiful manicure. You can also get a foot massage there to treat your feet to luxury after a long day of walking around exploring new places.


·         Andalusia Court: A walk through this court will carry you back to the land of poetry and art as it has a star-shaped ceiling and red stonewalls. This court is popular for its delicious pizzas that will satisfy all your pizza cravings.


·         Tunisia Court: This court is the most accurate representation of the coastal towns in Tunisia. You will feel like you have travelled back in time with the beautiful mosaic tiles, stained glass windows and blue doors. This court is probably the one that is for all the people who like collecting aesthetically pleasing things. After you have bought what you came for, you can head to the Fun City with your little ones so they can have the time of their lives!



The mall is easily accessible by taxi and metro from the Jebel Ali station and it is the world’s largest themed mall, spanning over 521,000 sq meters in total space.



Entertainment Options

When it comes to shopping, you will not be surprised with the variety of different kind of shops you can find under just one roof! From local boutiques to international shops, this mall has it all. It has shops like Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, H & M, Victoria’s Secret, Aldo, jewellery stores, and watch stores. To put it simply, this is the ultimate shopping spot.


This mall will fulfil all your needs as it has furniture shops to pharmacies, fitness shops to beauty care, electronics to cosmetics and much more. It offers something to entertain each member of your family, from the oldest to the youngest.


It has its own fitness centre, prayer areas, and a Fun City that your kids are sure to love. This mall is equipped with an IMAX theatre that has eight screens, so after or before shopping you can satisfy the cine-phile in you.


Since everything in this mall is so top notch, let us not forget the food court. The food court is stocked with your favourite foods, whether it is a fast food item or a full dining meal. You can get everything you want that will satisfy your cravings!


Ibn Battuta Mall is one of the highlights of Dubai shopping Festival and it should be on everyone’s checklist when it comes to shopping in Dubai. They have various sales and events always going on, especially during the Dubai Shopping Festival.  Therefore, you do not have to worry about your wallet, because there is something there for everyone at a price they can afford. Go shopping, watch a movie, or simply have coffee with friends while teleporting to another era and six different lands. Have the best experience in just a mall!


Mall Timings: 10 AM-12AM

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road

For more information call, +971 4 390 9999