IMG Worlds of Adventure

February 22nd 2017


Located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in the city of Arabia, IMG Worlds of Adventure is a place of dreams and we mean it in the most literal sense of the word. We are all guilty of imaginative dreams where Spider Man was chasing us from roof to roof or where we and the great Hulk were fighting side-by-side against the evil forces. Or better yet, we and The Powerpuff Girls were putting an end to Mojo Jojo and his evil plans.


Fortunately for all of us dreamers, IMG Worlds of Adventure opened its gates on 31st August 2016 and caused a ripple of excitement among the masses.  Being known as the biggest temperature controlled as well as indoor themed entertainment destination around the world, IMG Worlds of Adventure did not disappoint.



Outlets and Shops

IMG Worlds of Adventure is laid out over an area of 1.5 million square feet and hosts more than 20,000 guests every day. Among all the adrenaline pumping adventurous rides and entertainment options, there are also a set of shops and outlets for those who want to take some souvenirs home.  There is Marvel Universe, Empire News and Comics shop, Epsilon Command, Avengers Exchange, Marvel Vault, Daily Bugle Company Store and 13 more stores, each with their own distinct offerings for all kinds of fans.




There is no limit of entertainment options in IMG Worlds of Adventure. As soon as the guests step inside this theme park, they’ll find themselves surrounded with endless restaurants, rides, movies and attractions. They won’t be able to decide where to start. The day might end but the entertainment options in this theme park won’t.




Soon to become a permanent part of IMG worlds of Adventure is the cinema with twelve screen multiplex and 3D IMAX technology. You can watch your favorite superheroes on the silver screen and then continue on to the adventure land to fight by their side.




The Founders certainly didn’t exaggerate when they named the park the Worlds of Adventure. The rides are thrilling that allow you to witness dinosaurs roaming around, to experience the fear of the haunted hotel, to take Spider-Man through the city and stop the evil plans of Dr. Octopus or experience the amazing ride of Gumball. It’s a place with 16 rides and 16 adventures.




Adventures like these tend to make the guests hungry but there is nothing to worry about because the park offers 29 restaurants to dine in. And don’t think of these restaurants as ordinary ones. All these restaurants belong from the world of Marvel, Cartoon Network and Lost Valley. You can enjoy the famous Powerpuff Ice Cream Parlor or you can try that downtown Shawarma from Avengers, and the greatness of the Popcorn Factory is not to be missed either. That’s not all, you can also dine in Tony Skydeck which boasts the best steak and seafood in town! This restaurant has a spectacular view of the entire area and is truly a VIP experience that you do not want to miss. Wait there’s more, you can also fine dine in Chang’s Golden Dragon, Mama Scano’s of Yancy street and the notorious downtown Shawarma.



Rides and Attractions

IMG worlds of adventures are also packed with exciting rides and attractions which have been divided using different adventure zones. The adrenaline pumping attractions are all based on different super hero favorites and are designed to make sure that you never forget a single moment of your trip! The adventure zones include Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network and IMG Boulevard. Each of these attractions are unique in their own perspective and all of them make IMG a must visit destination.  The rides and attractions included in each adventure zone are as follows:



The Iconic Marvel franchise includes Spider man, the hulk, Iron Man and the avengers. All of them are gearing up to save the world and they need your help! Some of the rides and attractions in this adventure zone are mentioned below.

·         Avengers Battle of Ultron: Height restriction of 1.30m, Minimum height accompanied by an adult is 1.05m and the maximum height.

·         Hulk Epsilon Base 3D: Height restriction of 1.00m and maximum height of 1.95m

·         Thor Thunder Spin: Height restriction of 1.40m and maximum height of 1.95m

·         Spider man Doc Ocks Revenge: Height restriction of 1.20m, Minimum height accompanied by an adult is 1.05m

·         Avengers Flight of the quinjets: Height restriction of 1.30m, Minimum height accompanied by an adult is 1.05m


Lost Valley

IMG is bringing back prehistoric dinosaurs with a bang in the lost valley, it includes hair raising dinosaur rides and an array of different attractions. If you want to know what it felt like during that era then do not miss a chance to visit the lost valley. Some of the rides and attractions in this adventure zone are mentioned below.

·         The Velociraptor: Height restriction of 1.30m

·         Forbidden territory:Height restriction of 1.30m, Minimum height accompanied by an adult is 1.05m and the maximum height is 2.08

·         Predator:Height restriction of 1.25m

·         Dino Carousal:Height restriction of 1.05m

·         Adventure fortress:  Height restriction of 1.25m, Minimum height accompanied by an adult is 0.95m and the maximum height is 2.08


Cartoon Network

If you are looking for a reason to smile then do not forget to visit the Cartoon Network Adventure zone, it boasts the amazing world of gumball, the powerpuff girls, lazy town and Ben 10. Some of the rides and attractions are mentioned below,

·         The Powerpuff girls- Mojo jojo’s Robot rampage:  Height restriction of 1.35m, Minimum height accompanied by an adult is 1.25m

·         Ben 10 5D Hero time: Height restriction if unaccompanied 1.30m

·         Adventure time: Height restriction if unaccompanied 1.30m

·         The Amazing Ride of Gumball: Height restriction if unaccompanied 1.20m

·         Lazy town: Has many restrictions, call for more details


IMG Boulevard

This is the perfect place for all the adventure seekers out there who are looking for a tantalizing mix of thrill and excitement.  This zone boasts interactive attractions and an array of dining options that will entice your taste buds like never before! Some of the rides and attractions are mentioned below

·         The haunted hotel

·         Popcorn factory

·         Boulevard Gourmet