J3 Mall

February 1st 2017


J3 Mall is a community oriented mall, conveniently located in one of the most sought after residential localities of Dubai at the Al Wasl Road, Al Manara. It houses a wide array of retail stores, amenities, and activities for customers from all walks of life. It is a one of a kind and multifaceted mall development offering a unique and pleasurable experience.  It adds a different touch to the Dubai shopping experience.

J3 Mall is easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road and is a 5 minute drive of Burj Al Arab and Umm Sequin Beach.

The Mall was inaugurated in September 2012 and is the only one of a kind boutique mall in the surrounding area. The residential area it was made specifically for houses for around 47,000 people hailing from all corners of the world, making it a truly international shopping mall. You have Arabs, Asians, Europeans, and American people who frequently visit and shop from this mall.

The features of the stores at J3 Mall include a wide range of items and products—apparel, electronics, jewellery, footwear, fragrances and cosmetics etc. 

It has about 65,000 visitors/shoppers coming in every week, and is spaciously built to accommodate large amounts of people from the community. It is a great space for people of the community to come together and hang out.

The ground floor of this mall has a big supermarket called Choithrams, providing the people a place to fulfil all their grocery needs and other daily needs. There is a pharmacy and other service related stores. There is a fitness centre here as well for all the gym enthusiasts to get their health game on.

Level One has all the major stores where one can find everything under the sun. Stores include Axiom, Cheeky Monkeys, Lamora, Insta Fashion and Liquido to name a few. The famous food joints include Johnny Rockets, Coldstone Creamery and Tim Hortons. It also has different banking services for the customers like ATM and money exchange. J3 Mall also has 2 beauty salons to cater to your beauty needs, as well as an Oud shop and we all know that any mall in Dubai is not complete without a signature Oud shop.

Look out for various events and happenings at this mall, because there is always something always something going on, especially during the
Dubai Shopping festival, because many stores participate in it and offer massive discounts and sales which you shouldn’t miss out on. Shopping is to Dubai what fashion is to Paris.


Since this is a boutique mall, you will find unique stores here which are not commonly found anywhere.

J3 Mall is a beautifully designed mall which is a unique shade of light green. It’s like a pretty pop of color to the area and is pleasing to the eye.


Location: Al Wasl Road, AL Manara, Dubai, UAE


Timings:  10 AM- 9 PM