Jumeirah Lake Towers

September 5th 2016


With every new construction venture, Dubai keeps on proving that when it comes to progressing at a rapid rate, no other metropolis can stand to be in their league. This city is the epitome of a modern cosmopolitan and the rapidly inflating sector of Dubai tourism just goes on to prove that to the rest of the world. A perfect example of the city’s multiple marvels is the Jumeirah Lake Towers, a perfect blend of technology, innovation and creativity.

Jumeirah Lake Towers


With 79 towers in total, Jumeirah Lake Towers are part of perhaps the biggest construction project in the history of Dubai. What makes these towers unique is that they have been constructed on the very edge of three artificially created lakes – the JLT Lake, Lake Almas East and Lake Almas West. Originally the plan was to create four lakes but the fourth lake was eventually drained to build a park instead. The JLT will consist of residential and corporate complexes. The towers at the outskirts will consist of anywhere from 35 to 45 floors all together while the showcasing tower (situated at the very center) has 66 floors. The centerpiece has been named Almas Tower as it is the only tower in the entire project which will have its own island and situated right in the middle of Lake Almas East and Lake Almas West. To make navigation easy in this massive project, the residential towers have been specifically designed in a cluster of three. As of 2015, only eleven towers remain uncompleted because of one reason or another, while the rest have not only been completed, but are also open for business. The project’s first completed tower was the Saba Tower, inaugurated back in 2006.

Popular Attractions at JLT

Bonnington Jumeirah Lake Towers

Bonnington Tower is a luxury five star hotel situated near the heart of the JLT project. The 40 plus floors of the tower contain luxury rooms designed to make the stay of visitors calm and relaxing. The hotel can easily be detected from the Sheikh Zayed Road, is connected to two Dubai Metro stations and is only 25 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport.

Movenpick Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Movenpick is part of an international five star hotel chain. The hotel, along with offering luxury living accommodations, also contains international restaurants, clubs and spas. All the rooms of the hotel offer a breathtaking view of the artificially created islands that surround the towers.

Almas Towers

Almas (meaning diamond in Arabic) along with being the centerpiece of the entire project will also be an international commodities center and the home of Dubai Diamond Exchange.

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