Last Day on Earth Mod Apk v1.15 (Free Craft) + Data

Last Day on Earth v1.15 Apk Mod

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk v1.15 (Free Craft) + Data Download – The Last Day on Earth’s Mod Apk v1.15 (Free Craft) + Data liquid survival is a game that tells the story of life in the future. The situation when the world is infected with plague disease that is a plague that all over the earth. Among the people who are on the Earth, there are some survivors and minutes in the ruins of buildings, homes and everywhere. This plague is very powerful, so the affected humans will turn into terrible zombies.

This Game is an adaptation of the movie of the same title. Setting Life of 2027 when the Earth is in post apocalyptic condition (small apocalypse). There is an outbreak of disease that converts humans into zombies. However, there are still some people who can afford to endure. One of them is the main character. A shooter that performs survival to survive in a damaged earth condition.

Last Day on Earth Survival Gameplay

Last Day on Earth v1.15 Apk Mod Download

This latest last day on Earth data Game will raise one of the characters to survive. Players will watch every life of the main character. This survival technique will take care of hunger, must, and gather resources. Later resources will be used to create weapons, transport tools and much more. Many items can be used to survive the situation. And the most challenging one is killing every existing zombie.

Sustaining life is done by defeating every intruder who enters the defensive area. Sure there will be last day on the special Earth code to get every power. So using this version of Mod games will be much more convenient. Players can build ramparts and traps to attack enemies. Then, the tone of the treasures and resources to be obtained.

The next mission is to explore every region on Earth. Players are able to develop the chosen character. Then can also equip every home needs, loot abandoned territories, hunt wild animals and rescue victims. Then what will be found again in this latest version of the game?

Latest Features

Different from last day on Earth 1.14.5 on this 1.15 version of the player will be able to feel the real survival sensation. There are a few additional features that can be enjoyed on the latest version. Like the features below.

  • Able to build a house for survival.
  • The enemy will be anywhere.
  • Choose a vehicle to do the survival.
  • Overcoming difficulties more easily.
  • Explore new territories on the map.
  • Gather with other surviving clans.
  • Able to communicate with other players.

In order to get the last day on Earth Apkpure game can actually be downloaded via Googe Play Store. But surely players will only get the game with the original version. As for getting many additional features in this new version, it can be obtained using the MOD version.

Latest Update Game Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth v1.15 Apk Mod Update Download

If the above has been explained about the latest features, then below will be explained about the feature updates of last day on Earth cheat 1.14.5. Of course updates from this previous version will be useful to add the thrill of playing Adventure genre games as fun as you can. Then the following is updated from the previous version.

  • Fixes on some annoying BUGS.
  • Improvements in performance as well as game optimization.
  • Season 3 has been active.
  • Bravo Bunker can already be used.
  • ATV is available to perform the assembly.
  • Additional 2 new swamp locations.
  • New Event: Moss Fortress Defense.
  • New Event: Junkyard
  • Added automatic location cleaning.
  • Additional slot machines in gas STATIONS with prizes.
  • Rank base is upgraded.
  • Additional new resources.
  • New recipes
  • New working desks
  • Additional weapons in last day on Earth.

If the above is the ease of the latest updated version of the game, then what will be found in the Mod version? Of course, there are more items and other features that are only found in this version. Make sure to last day on Earth pc or Android using the link below.

Additional Information MOD version features

  • Duplicate Item: Will divide the item so it will be much more.
  • Get free crafts without requiring items.
  • Build for free without using items.
  • No building requirements.
  • Upgrade without using items or for free.
  • Adds unlimited weapon durability.
  • Added endurance ammunition (infinite armor)
  • Get unlimited coins.
  • Use skill points without any restrictions.
  • Unlimited energy.

Download Game Last Day on Earth V 1.15

Last Day on Earth v1.15 Apk Mod Image Download

Sure it will be easier and more fun in last day on earth download this new PC or Android version. To get all the features, update above then it can be directly to download using the link below. There is also a link used to download the MOD version of this game.

Name Apk Last Day on Earth: Survival
Update 13 November 2019
Version 1.15
Size 228,23 MB

Download Link

Last Day on Earth v1.15 > Here.

So here’s the description of a very fun game to play. If interested to get this game can directly download using the link above. For how to install it just like MOD version game. But it would be suggested to download this application using UC Browser, so the risk of downloading fewer failures. So go straight to download the last day game on earth data last update at the link above.


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