Lulu Centre

February 1st 2017


Lulu centre, or as more commonly known, Lulu Supermarket is one of the largest chains of retail shopping not just across UAE, but also in various Asian and Middle eastern countries. The Lulu group has a large number of stores in UAE and widely spread in all of the seven Emirates, and one such store is in Al Karama, Dubai.

Lulu group has the largest retail stores in Dubai and the Dubai shopping experience will always remain lacking if this store is missed. Lulu centre is all about conveniences and offers every single item a person might need for their day-to-day requirements. It is a one stop store to buy anything from electronics to food items hence the famous tagline, “Lulu, where the world comes to shop”.

·    Outlets and Shops:

Lulu centre is a gigantic hypermarket that has collected a hoard of loyal customers over the years and continues to do so with its variety of offerings and exceptional customer experience.  The Lulu centre works with one goal in mind, to provide a unique Dubai shopping experience to the visitors. Lulu centre hypermarket and supermarket has divided its shopping niches into various departments. They are the following:

ü  Digitals

ü  Fashion and Lifestyle

ü  Grocery and Fresh Food

ü  Home décor and household

In addition to providing products of high-quality from international brands, Lulu centre also provides their own brands to ensure products to the world-wide shoppers. Their own brand provides:

ü  Frozen Food

ü  Grocery Food

ü  Grocery non food

ü  Health and Beauty

ü  Ikon Products

Aside from providing retail stores for a fun shopping experience and place to buy anything, Lulu centre also supports online shopping which allows the buyers to receive their goods at their doorstep.

·    Entertainment:

Lulu centre completely redefines the shopping experiences of the customers with its array of offerings from international and regional brands. And when the shopping is done, their customers can enjoy a much needed break in the food court or the little ones can have a grand time in the play area.  

·    Amenities:

Lulu centres are known for their first-class maintenance and administration abilities. Every inch of the supermarket is cleaned religiously. The counters are expansively laid out and parking lots provides thousands of parking spaces. Available on the grounds of Lulu centre are a number of money exchange and bank counters.

·    Events:

Lulu centre is a giver and there is always one thing or another that is being offered by the store to the loyal customers. When the event is big, the prize is big. The store is rewarding a car on the anniversary of the store. On top of that, a sale is going on and a good offer is always available at any given time of the year.

·        Timings and other information:

Opening Hours:

ü  Regular hours:  9:00 am to 11:30 pm

ü  Regular hours: 10:00 am to 12:30 am

Telephone: +971-4-3351415