Lulu Hypermarket

February 1st 2017


LULU Hypermarket objectives, values and vision

Lulu Hypermarket is the retail division of Lulu Group International and is located in 131 different locations in the Gulf region, catering to shoppers of varied interests. Lulu Hypermarket has a modern ambience and integrates all the conceivable needs of its buyers under one roof, making it an amazing one stop shop experience.


It’s objective is to add new market oppurtunities , give itself a niche value and becoming a global retail brandstore that provides  proper customer service and quality products. LULU Hypermarket envisions becoming the number 1 global retail brand store in the world. By the looks of it they are moving in the right direction. It values dedication, cooperative team work, honesty and reliability.



Providing wide range of services and products

Lulu Hypermarket is the go-to supermarket and department store in the UAE region, catering to all customers. Their stores cover all items under the sun, from home appliances to groceries, they have it all. The items sold there ,range in different prices but are not super expensive. You won’t have to worry about an empty stomach while you are there shopping in DubaiIt has an extensive line of counters, ample parking space, children’s play areas, food court, bank counters and money exchange and even a jewelerystore. Its tagline “Where the world comes to shop” is not an overstatement of any sort.


The hypermarket covers all of the basic amenities and household items and products for its consumers. It also serves as a supermarket, having all the grocery items one can imagine on his/her list. It includes local and international fruits and vegetables (exotic and tropical), as well as fresh and canned food products. It also has a meat counter/butcher shop and freshly baked goods in there bakery as well. Lulu also has household appliances and electronics. The electronics section covers phones, irons, TVs, kitchen products, cameras and washing machines etc. It also has a fitness and sporting goods section. Lulu also has a huge furniture and home decor section so that you can shop for your home comfortably.


Lulu has a separate section for cosmetics and fragrances, having a wide range of brandsand  clothing wear to choose from.



Growing internationally

Besides the UAE, some of the major areas in the Middle East where Lulu Hypermarkets are located are Bahrain, Kuwait, KSA, Oman, Qatar and Egypt. They also have been launched in Asian regions such as India, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is one of the world’s fastest growing retailers and has over 35,000 multi-ethnic employees. There 100th store was launched in RAS UL KHAIMAH and now they are aiming at launching a web store for online shopping.


Lulu has established itself as the leading household name when it comes to everyday shopping and almost everybody goes to shop there, making its tagline true.


Getting discounts and promotions

Lulu also has its own brands of products shelved up in all of its stores, and always has some sort of sale or discount during any season. It also runs various competitions and lucky draws every now and then rewarding its customers for always buying from LULU Hypermarket.. It also runs different events such as food festivals of different cultures and shopping festivals.


It also provides online shopping services to its customers and delivers the items at your doorstep. Lulu is one of the highlights of the Dubai shopping experience. It offers special promotions and discounts on festive occasions and provides a new shopping adventure where you get to choose from regional and international brands for wide range of products. Shopping at LULU is worth every Dirham.



Building family culture

In addition it provides a unique family experience, where the whole family gets to go together shop, talk, eat at the food court have fun in the play area and spend some good quality time with each other. So in a way its bringing families closer and togetherprovides cherished memories like buying earrings as a birthday present for your daughterfrom LULU store or running into someone you know at the Hypermarket.  With it growing popularity it’s bound to happen that you will run into a friend or an old acquaintance. These small things really count and are treasured. LULU Hypermarket gives importance to family culture and their always have cordial employees working for The Hypermarket.


Making headlines


That’s the reason why today LULU Hypermarket is flourishing and making the headlines in the newspapers.Many were children while they witnessed the opening of the first branch of LULU Hypermarketand today they have grown into full grown adults probably with their own kids shopping at LULU. That is what makes LULU so special and embodies its tagline.