February 4th 2017


When Hollywood meets a resort that eventually joins a park, it creates something as terrific as Motiongate Dubai. It has caused Dubai’s tourism figures to shoot up to the sky like some of the roller coasters in this theme park because this park offers an experience that’s incomparable to any other. This Hollywood themed park opened its gates to the world on December 16, 2016 and soon got penned down on the list of millions of people across the world.


This place is admittedly a heaven for movie aficionados and bookworms, who dreamt of living the experience they so vehemently fell head over heels in love with. Motiongate Dubai is a Hollywood themed park and includes rides and attractions based on a number of blockbusters by Columbia Pictures, Smurfs Village, DreamWorks, and Lionsgate.


You can witness a world of your favorite movies through these rides. If you love play acting, you can pretend you are in the movie as a character while you are gloriously riding the rides! Do not let this opportunity of a lifetime go out of hand, you must avail all your chances and conquer all your fears. You might just discover your love for adrenaline rush rides that you never knew about!



Themed Rides At Motiongate Dubai

There are 27 Hollywood themed rides in the Motiongate Dubai and the ones that have garnered a lot of attention are the following:


1-  Madagascar Mad Pursuit: If you like to move it, move it, then this ride has your name written ALL over it! Probably the fastest roller coaster you will go on that will definitely bring your wild side out! Do not forget to avoid Captain DuBois otherwise she might hold you captive!


2-  How To Train Your Dragon: Dragon Gliders: Are you ready to go to and come back from the Forbidden Islands? Be ready for your flight with Hiccup and Toothless as they take you on an adventure while you are in an entertainment filled roller coaster.


3-  Blast Off from Zombieland (an imitation of the one used in the movie): Because of its name, it needs no more explanation. You will have an enthralling experience as you encounter creepy zombie ruins in Zombieland. You will see other scenes you might have never imagined to see! May we add, this is a 58-meter drop tower! Gear up!


4- Ghostbusters: Battle For New York: Entering this ride will make you a ghost buster by default! This is an interactive ride which will make you go through the Temple of Gozer where you will be joined by others for the most exciting rooftop battle. So, show off all your ghost busting skills and save the New York City.


5-  The Hunger Games Capitol Bullet Train: This is probably the closest you can get to District 12 and let the inner Katniss and Peeta let loose! This rollercoaster might just give you the authentic feel of The Hunger Games.


6-  Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs in water rapids: This ride is equally enjoyable for people of all ages. You will head over to Swallow Falls where you will go through swamps of food and animals where they are combined to make new species!


7-  Kung Fu Panda ride: This 4D simulator will take you on Po’s adventure as he defeats all his enemies with grace and elegance. Every second of the ride will keep you hooked!


8-  Hotel Transylvania Ride: Join Dracula and Marvis on an adventure into the hotel for monsters. Be ready for unexpected approaches from all the living or dead creatures that may be present on this ride!


9- The Green Hornet ride: Come on this ride and be ready to shoot through junkyards and other loopholes while you are on Green Hornet’s latest invention!



The Underworld Ride: This multi-sensory experience will take you through the depths of the oceans while you see the battle of vampires and lycans. The Endless Entertainment Options

Other entertainment options in Motiongate Dubai include Rajmahal Theatre, and Dabangg. The latter is a large capacity live-action theater and can seat 1,000 viewers at a time. Dabang will be hosting exciting events on a regular basis. The most recent one will be a stage production of Step Up with performances by talented rappers, hip hop dancers, and singers.


Motiongate Dubai is for all ages; the adults can enjoy the rides while the little ones can rejoice the visuals that are recreated from various movies, as well as meet their favorite characters who will be roaming around the park. The Hollywood theme park also has a section known as Legoland Water Park , the Lapita Hotel, and another known as the Bollywood Park.  


Bollywood and Hollywood fans both will be able to find things of their own interest. Aside from these exciting rides and stage shows, there are also tours. The Hunger Games Aerial Tour wills allow the fandom to experience riding in the soaring hovercraft with the 3D motion simulator.


Then there is the Fountain of Dreams, presenting a show with dancing water and blinking lights. Motiongate will not let you walk off the premises bored as they have promised to provide you with the best entertainment possible!


There is also the fascinating Studio Central, which many will find magical as the place takes cinematography fans into Hollywood’s Golden age. You will experience being transported into real life movie sets of New York City, alongside real working cameras with all the theatrical details put behind the movies with legendary success. 



Eating Options

Motiongate Dubai is the place to be at for limitless fun, entertainment, and a day of crazy adrenaline rush.  After enjoying the rides, the entertainment-seeker can fill their appetite with delicious and scrumptious food offered in River land–a collection of eateries and bars present inside funky mushroom themed huts and other themed eateries.



Another major attraction that did wonders to the ambiance of the theme park is the one-kilometer operational river flowing inside the park. Motion gate Dubai has redefined 13 Hollywood blockbusters and has caused a ripple of excitement. Do not miss this attraction when you are in Dubai.