Mushrif National Park

September 4th 2016


If you’re looking for a truly relaxing place that also offers some great activities for the likes of the whole family, explore among other places to visit in Dubai, The Mushrif National Park. It’s a beautiful nature park that has been developed for public leisure. Some of the trees in the area are over 50 years old. The best and the most unique thing about this park is that it is a natural ghaf forest. You can view over 100 species of birds and it has a growing population of Bruce’s Scops Owl.


The park is spread over an area of 124 hectares and includes leisure activities for the young and old alike. You can take a dip in the swimming pool if it has gotten too hot for you or you can enjoy the scene from beside a lake. There is also a beautiful fountain set in the midst that attracts tourists and locals alike. If you have children along with you, you can let them enjoy in the children’s play area. There are also camel and pony rides for children to enjoy and a train that gives them a round around the park.

Fun and Fitness

Parks are the perfect place for fitness enthusiasts as it allows them a chance to carry out their exercise regimens in fresh air. This park boasts walking tracks, bicycle tracks, jogging tracks, and sport playgrounds for the slim and fit. You can enjoy playing games such as volleyball, handball, and basketball. There is also an electronic gaming area where others who are not as fitness conscious can kill their time.

If you want to spend extended time with your family, the park also has prayer rooms, restaurants, canteens, and picnic and barbeque areas.


The park is a sheltered spot a few kilometers from Dubai Airport. It provides a chance to explore the Bedouin way of life with its international village that models Arabic and foreign houses. One cannot only explore the old way of life as there are guided camel riding tours but can also reflect on the architecture of the houses that represent different countries. You can explore the Japanese, Chinese, indoneisan, Norwegian, English, Thai and the Nubian type houses each of which give a different reflection of the way of life.

If you must, take out 2-3 hours of time from your schedule to visit the park for bird sighting. You can get excellent views of the Pallid Scops owls pair which is the star attraction of the park. Other birds that you can expect to see are grey francolin, Eurasian collared dove and white cheeked bulbul. You can also see raptors between the months of October to April.


The park remains open from 8:00-22:30 every day and the busiest days are from Thursday to Friday. The closes best location to the park is downtown Dubai.