Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop

October 2nd 2016

There is no doubt that Dubai has been one of the most delightful cities in the world. Anyone planning a vacation wants to visit this place. Malls, desert safari, Dubai Fountain, The Palm, Jumeriah Beach Walk, Burj Khalifa are only few of the many attractions that the desert city has to offer. It is also one of these reasons that make Dubai one of the most visited cities in the world. With incredible services and facilities, Dubai is known as one of the world class cities with all international facilities available. The government of UAE has been continuously working for the development of this city, and with the increase in tourism, the efforts for development have increased.

Along with various restaurants in Dubai, a number of hotels, coffee shops, malls, etc. have also been established for the ease and convenience of the locals as well as for the pleasure and adventure of tourists. Bakeries and cafes are now becoming increasingly popular and Dubai has made sure that the people get the best experience when they visit the city. Affordability is a major reason why cafes and bakeries are in demand. One such bakery in Dubai is Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop.

Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop offers traditional baked goodies with a funky gourmet twist. The bakeshop offers products three categories, DelOushé, KaakOushé and ManOushé.

Deli products, sandwiches, salads etc. are offered under the DelOushé category. Sweet baked products, such as cookies, pastries etc. are presented under the KaakOushé category; and finally, the ManOushé includes all baked bread snack products. With a wide variety of products offered by Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop, this bakery is now one of the most popular bakeshop in the city.

Where It’s At

Located behind the Mall of Emirates at Metro Building, Al Barsha 1, this bakeshop is easily accessible. With outstanding products and affordability, Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop is known for its high quality baked products. This bakeshop also takes customized orders. All you have to do is to provide the shop with exact details of your baking requirements and your order will be prepared exactly how you want!

When you place an order, you will be contacted by an Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop official and will be offered a unique ‘choose and taste’ option before placing your order.

The bakeshop also offers catering services for different private and official events. From baby showers to official lunches, Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop will work with you to offer you the best services. With tailor made packages designed for customers, they will make sure that all your requirements are met and your order is ready as per your need. Whether you’re looking for a sugary or savory treat, Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop will provide you with luscious cakes, pastries, and a selection of mouthwatering sandwiches, salads, quiches, etc.


What are you waiting for? Sooth your taste buds now and call +971 4 3850011 or visit http://www.oushe.com/ to place your order right away!