Prodive Middle East

September 6th 2016

With Dubai fast becoming one of the largest business hubs of the continent and thousands pouring in every year, the city has responded in kind, offering hundreds of different activities in Dubai for tourists, locals, and business people alike. There are so many thrilling and fun activities that this glamorous city has to offer, making for a memorable time. After visiting some rich heritage destinations in the UAE and enjoying unique shopping experiences, you might want to indulge in an exciting scuba diving session!

Diving has fast gained popularity in the region, what with the crystal clear waters and abundance of highly qualified instructors. Numerous companies and clubs offer every individual the right diving package according to their requirements and preferences. Prodive Middle East is one service provider that has made a name for itself in the segment, offering leisure dives, courses, and lots more.

Situated at the Pinnacle Building, Al Barsha 1, Dubai 488027, this esteemed diving industry is proud of itself because they deliver excellent services to every group and individual. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will meet expert divers who will ensure that they meet with all your diving and swimming needs.

The company offers diverse ranges of PADI technical and recreational courses along with excellent training facilities. Scuba diving is a thrilling sport, suitable for almost every marine lover. At this amazing diving centre, children as young as 8 years old can enroll in the beginners package and build their skills and confidence. Some of the diving programs include:

Scuba Diving For Beginners Who Are Busy

E-Learning Scuba Diving CoursesIf you are always working and rarely have time for fun in your schedule, then this package is perfect for you. Certified and professional PADI trainers ensure that they quickly take you through the basics of scuba diving, which are usually about two thirds of the actual course. They break down the basic steps in one class sitting. The course consists of separate theory classes and one day for the open water dives. The overall duration is approximately 2 days.



This is the perfect course for people who want to enjoy learning in the comfort of their home. You can access the E-learning syllabus set by PADI. The duration of this course is approximately 12 months. Once you complete the theory classes, you can meet the professional instructors at Prodive Middle East and they will take you through the practical parts. They organize special classes where you can enter the water and put your theory learning to the test.

Professional Diving Course

If you ever feel like you have limited activities in Dubai to enjoy then don’t think twice, visit prodive Middle East as soon as possible! Register in some of their excellent courses and become a professional in no time. For more information, you can call them on + (971) (0)4 3995711, or simply log on professional divers can select packages like the dive master course, IDC (Instructor Development Course), EFR instructor course, and master scuba diving course. Professional PADI instructors ensure that build your basic skills in to highly professional ones. The courses have varying durations. Some last for weeks and some for months. They are all available at affordable prices, and once you become an expert, you could very well work at this prestigious organization.