Raffles Botanical Garden

September 6th 2016

The Raffles Botanical Garden in Raffles Dubai is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Built in the shape of a pyramid, the Raffles Dubai is a 19-story hotel which stays true to the inspiration it took from Egyptian architecture. The interior of the hotel is inspired by the 4 elements of life which when blended together with Middle Eastern and Asian designs, shows a beautiful influence of the East.

Amongst the many places to visit in Dubai, the best place one should truly experience is the Raffles Botanical Garden. Located at the third floor of the hotel, the garden is an Eden for all those looking to find a piece of serenity and nature in the middle of the desert.

The Raffles Botanical Garden was created with the design to represent the 4 essential elements of life which are water, earth, fire and air. Built as a place of peace and tranquility, it feels at odds with the rest of Dubai and yet gives the people a chance to wind down and have intimate talks. The 4 designs converge on a large glass dome which was built as the eye of Horus who, according to Egyptian legend, is the god of the sky. The large glass dome is situated as the garden’s centerpiece and is placed in such a way that you feel secluded from the world underneath its shade.

Plant lovers

For all those plant lovers out there, this place is paradise. With each part which represents an element of life, the garden is planted with plants which represent the elements. Fire has a blend of fiery Crimson, wind has a garden of bamboo, the smaller shrubs and green plants represent the earth and the water garden section shows the dominance of water around the park. There are thousands of plants and more than 600 aquatic plants, making it a gorgeous representation of the elements.


The Raffles Botanical Garden is also used as a dynamic dining area. Set amidst the garden, the menu centers around an Arabic theme, and with the garden’s refurbishment, the area is transformed into a beautiful setting where one can simply sit in the exclusive open-air cabana while admiring the stunning garden oasis.


The Raffles Botanical Garden is a must-see for all those looking for activities in Dubai, because this park is no ordinary location, and shows the beauty of Mother Nature, even when it is surrounded by modern architecture. November till April is the best time to visit these gardens as they will be in full bloom. So if you want to know more about the Raffles Botanical Garden in Raffles Dubai, one of the best hotels in the Middle East, you can simply visit their website at https://www.raffles.com/dubai/about-hotel/destination-guide/attractions/raffles-garden or call their toll-free number at 1 800 768 9009.