Safa Park

September 4th 2016


When it comes to attractions that give the impression of artificial splendor, beauty and grandeur, Dubai has a lot to offer. If you wish to feel a little close to nature however, one of the best places to visit in Dubai is Safa Park where you will be among real nature and beauty. A park is the best place to spend a day of leisure, with friends and family, and this park is also an ideal place for picnics, outdoor sports or even relaxing and taking in the greenery, within the highly impressive Dubai Downtown area.

Comprising of 64 hectares, Safa Park is located in the urban area of Dubai and is bordered by the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Al Wasl Road, and the Al Hadiqa Street. The sprawling and beautiful park features three lakes, over 200 species of birds, and nearly 16, 924 different kinds of bushes and trees. The main features within Safa Park are grassy and green lawns, a small forest, and a hill that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the park from all sides. One other feature, which adds even more beauty and uniqueness to the park, is a waterfall that falls into the largest lake, containing a fountain and several touring boats.  

Fun for the Day

The one advantage that Safa Park has is that nearly everybody can come and enjoy the beauty and greenery, and revel in the relaxation that it offers.

Here, children can play and run to their heart’s content, either by playing their own conventional games or by enjoying in the numerous playgrounds available in the vicinity. If you want to make your outing into a family picnic, you have the option of either renting a BBQ grill or bringing your own, although the BBQ of pork meat isn’t allowed. Other amenities included here are; boating facilities, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, as well as football pitches. In addition to this, there is a soft jogging track and a video arcade for teenagers.  

Shopping and Entertainment

When it comes to shopping and entertainment opportunities, Safa Park isn’t behind the rest! If you like jumble sales and are sure of striking a worthy bargain, then make your way to Safa Park early on the first Saturday of every month. Here, you will get the chance to explore a shopping and entertainment extravaganza like never before.

The park will be transformed into a venue where you can buy everything, starting from useful and cheap gym equipment, to colorful cushions, shoes and souvenirs to make the trip a memorable one. Even if you buy nothing, this is nonetheless, a very good opportunity to see people from different countries eating, shopping and laughing together.

Although it will be a bit hard to find parking near the gate, but you can access the services of a small train which will take you to the site of the sale, easily.


The glittering city has a number of places and venues that are worth visiting, but the best place to visit in Dubai that is famous for its nature is Safa Park! For more details, visit