Safestway Shopping Complex

February 1st 2017


Located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, Safestway Shopping Complex is a supermarket with some of the best collections of products in Dubai. Its prime location right across Burj Khalifa makes it a recipient of a high number of consumers and none of them leave unsatisfied. Safestway Shopping Complex might be a small supermarket, but it has successfully established its own reputation by keeping hold of some of the rarest items in its shelves.

·    Outlets and Shops:

Safestway Shopping Complex is not lacking in either quantity or quality when it comes to its products. Aisles upon aisles offer fresh produces including meat and vegetables. But those are not the only products the supermarket offers. An assortment of international brands and imported goods are also made available to the customers.

Safestway Shopping Complex seems to have uncovered the mystery of business, and has gained a reputation, even in the midst of various high-end supermarkets with chains of stores.  Every customer who steps into Safestway Shopping Complex becomes a loyal one. What customers are searching for, they inevitably find it at Safestway Shopping Complex.

Their products range from groceries to common place items needed for everyday living.  If you are searching for Dubai shopping experience, then this supermarket complex is it. There is never a rush hour in the Safestway Shopping Complex, and the shopping gets done in record time.

·    Known For:

 Safestway Shopping Complex has found a standing the market of being a superstore that keeps the rarest items in its shelves. Grocery items and ingredients that become hard to find elsewhere can easily be found here. Their deli section offers an array of interesting and creative offerings that cooking experts will rejoice in. Every morning the bakery smells heavenly with fresh baked goods and rich smelling confectioneries.

Vacations and celebratory times brings even more class to this supermarket, as the new stock compliments the occasion and most unique things are adorning the display.  Everything in Safestway Shopping Complex is imported and a treat for the buyers.

·         Amenities:

Safestway Shopping Complex is in a quiet neighborhood and provides a calming and relaxing shopping experience to the punters. Parking lot too is covered and spacious. This place is most preferred by families and shoppers who like to spend the day shopping, filling their carts with high-end and imported items, and then continuing on to have a large dinner in some fancy restaurant. Shopping in Safestway Shopping Complex is synonymous to a day well spent.  There is a play area on the top floor as well for the kids to play while the adults shop.

The supermarket also brings the products out way before their shelf life, and offers them at reasonably discounted price; look for those for some great purchases.

The staff of the supermarket is most helpful with helping the customers locate the items they are looking for. The packaging and check-out counter is fast with their job as well.

·    Contact information:

Safestway Shopping Complex is an American store and is a one-stop shop to buying anything American. The shopping centre can be contacted at:


Phone: +971 4 343 4050 or +971 4 343 4590