Sheikh Zayed Road

September 5th 2016


If anyone wants to know how much the city of Dubai has progressed in the past few years, then they must visit the heart of the city. The sky scrapers reaching unfathomable heights can tell you exactly where the city stands as of now and where it will be in the future. Every district you walk in and every road you travel will offer you spectacular sights that will be hard to top by any other city in the world. One of the biggest attractions in Dubai is the Sheikh Zayed Road.

Background Information about Sheikh Zayed Road

The road, itself, is part of the E 11 which is the longest road in the UAE. It starts in Abu Dhabi, runs along the coast and some of the major cities in the UAE and ends at the Oman border. The idea of creating the E 11 highway was suggested by Sheikh Zayed (also called the primary force behind the formation of UAE) to unite UAE’s two biggest cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. E 11 assumes a different name in every city it passes through. In Ra al-Khaimah, it is called Sheikh Muhammad bin Salem Road, in Abu Dhabi its Sheikh Maktoum Road (named after a former ruler of Dubai) and in Dubai it’s called Sheikh Zayed Road.

Main Attractions on Sheikh Zayed Road

In Dubai, tourism is blooming and a majority of the tourists visiting Dubai every year want to see the marvels on the Sheikh Zayed Road,  which include:

The Emirates Towers

The Emirates Towers are two towers that stand along the Sheikh Zayed Road and are known to be the 47th and 23rd tallest buildings in the entire world. Despite the uneven height, the towers have only two floors of difference between them, with the taller building having 56 floors. Both buildings collectively contain the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel and the Emirate Tower offices. Along with being a very important business center and an exclusive hotel, the towers are a very big tourist attraction and receive numerous visitors each year. 

The Palm Jumeirah

The road also connects to the world famous Palm Jumeirah (also called the Palm Islands). The construction on the islands began in 2001 and ended in 2006 and at that time the Palm Jumeirah was the biggest artificially created island in the world. These artificially created islands attract tourists from all over the world and are home to myriads of international hotels, resorts, spas, and entertainment centers.

The Red Line (Dubai Metro)

The fully operational Red Line of the Dubai Metro also connects to the Sheikh Zayed Road. The Red Line is over 52 kilometers long and has 29 stations along it.

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