March 21st 2017


Dubai is a place where tourists love to stay because of the high-end luxurious environment and local attractions. With so many beautiful sceneries all around and so much for the tourists, Dubai does not forget about the coffee connoisseurs either.

Along with many coffee shops in Dubai, Starbucks remains the leader and is a bona fide coffee giant. Starbucks is the first love and first preference of most coffee lovers no matter where they are in Dubai.

The US coffee giant is easily found at several places in Dubai. It has more than twenty four thousand stores in almost seventy countries. Starbucks was the first chain to truly capitalize on the coffee culture. They brought high-end coffee everywhere. Before Starbucks you had no guaranteed way of getting a cup of coffee that tasted good. Starbucks is also known for the immense variety present in its menu. You won’t just find all the coffee types you love, you will also find coffees you have never heard of. The focus they have on taste and quality has ensured that the number of Starbucks franchises in the world keeps increasing.

Starbucks: The International Leader of All Coffee Shops

Established in 1971, Starbucks was opened with an aim to share great coffee with people, spread happiness all around, and make the world a better place. Since then, the aim and goal of the company has not changed. Present in multiple countries, the Starbucks coffee has became an International brand due to its genuine service, great coffee, and ambiance.

In many places in the world, Starbucks is the only good coffee place around. They have been able to spread all over the world, and have done it without any serious competition. Starbucks has more than 25 thousand stores globally. The next coffee specialist on the list of the biggest coffee shops will be Costa Coffee, which only has around 2000 stores worldwide. Starbucks is so big that its main competitors are Dunkin Donuts and Tim Hortons – both stores that do not specialize in coffee.

The Ambiance and Menu 

The ambiance of all the coffee shops of Starbucks in Dubai is almost the same. The front façade is like all other cafes. As you enter the coffee shop, you will see dark wooden flooring and a calming and relaxing environment with dim lights. The entire interior décor is high-end and classy. From the ceiling, tables, chairs, lights, to the flooring; every single thing inside the café showcases sophistication.

As it is a café, it features many types of coffee prepared in a flawless manner. Besides coffee, they also have different types of handcrafted teas, lattes, bakery items, smoothies, etc. They even have a patented and confidential technique of making the coffee, and they claim that it allows them to make the most flavorful coffee possible.  


Whether you are visiting Starbucks with your friends or colleagues during breakfast, lunch, or light dinner, with it being a leader of coffee shops in Dubai, it is a perfect fit for all!