Switch Bowling

September 8th 2016

When you’re on vacation, home is the last place you think of. With so many exciting things to do and places to see, something so small as worrying about your place back home becomes a lesser priority. But then the time comes when you’ve had all your fun, and suddenly you start missing the pizza from your favorite deli, the cinema where you go to watch your favorite movies and the places you go to, to watch games and play them.

Each and every one of us has bowled at least once in our life, and whether or not you’re skilled in striking those pins in one go, bowling is something which definitely reminds you of the good ol’ days. Dubai is hardly enigmatic, and with all its glitz and glamour, you might think that you wouldn’t be able to find a little slice of home in the Middle East, but here’s where you’re wrong.

Among all the things to do in Dubai, bowling is one of the most favorite pastimes for the locals, and with places such as Switch Bowling ready to give you the best fun in your life, you might find that you can have the same fun with your loved ones in Dubai as you did the last time you beat them in a bowling match back home. Switch Bowling, located in the Indian Court in Ibn Battuta Mall is very popular, so the next time you go shopping there, you won’t be able to resist trying out the lanes.

Here is what Switch Bowling has to offer.


Switch Bowling is not for the faint-hearted. Created as a concept based on sports, speed and style, you will be left breathless with excitement as you play. With 12 bowling lanes at your disposal, you will be treated to a whole new experience which includes state-of-the-art technology, music, lights, scoring, large screens and a sleek industrial design built by Pininfarina. With so much fanfare, you will feel as triumphant as a king when you win!


You don’t have to be one of the young’uns to bowl like a champ. Switch Bowling also hosts many corporate events to help the team build a sense of camaraderie. Equipped with the latest in media systems, along with a delicious food and drink menu, you will have a corporate event you won’t forget in a hurry. Where else can you beat your boss and wave your victory in their face?


Alpy’s at Switch Bowling is famous for their wonderful menu and dining experience. Because the food will be freshly prepared in front of you, you will be treated to a mouth-watering introduction to your meal. From Alpy’s famous milkshakes, smoothies and soul refreshers to their salad sensations, starters, burgers, pasta and pizza, you will become famished even as you skim the menu before ordering your meal. Be sure to try out some of Alpy’s special coffee creations which will surely energize you enough to play another game of bowling.


Switch Bowling is a no-nonsense sort of place, and will test you in your skills and will reward you with enough trumpets to make you love yourself for taking the chance to try out the whole Dubai bowling experience. So for those adventurous enough to try a taste of home away from home, you can contact Switch Bowling at https://www.switchbowling.ae or call 04 440 5961 or 04 440 5962 and book your reservations for a night of fun and excitement.