The Coffee Museum

March 21st 2017


With thousands of entertainment opportunities, events, shopping malls, internationally acclaimed themed parks, and popular places to visit in Dubai, if a place still manages to outshine and catch the interest of the locals and tourist in Dubai then it is definitely something special. A place must have something extraordinarily great to shine in the City of Gold itself, and that brings us to the Coffee Museum in Dubai.

The love of coffee is same everywhere in the world, regardless of the difference in language; color, cultures and race and therefore this devotion to this beloved beverage gave birth to the Coffee Museum in Dubai, which allows the visitors to witness upfront and close the many rituals involved in coffee making.

The Ambiance of the Museum:

In the midst of the Dubai’s heritage hubs, Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai, the Coffee Museum enjoys an upscale location. The museum is built and decorated with international standards on the mind and utmost comfort and a cozy environment as the aim.

This coffee museum is not focused on lavish and modern settings, but it is focused solely on showcasing the authentic and traditional rituals and practices used for the preparation of real coffee, and hence the setting is more traditional, oriental, and relaxing to keep the visitors from getting distracted, yet remains on par with(and even exceeds)  international standards.


A museum centered on coffee making and its embryonic history is not just one of the rare places to visit in Dubai, but rather a rare sight in the entire world as there are only a handful of coffee museums globally.  While sipping an aromatic cup of coffee, few people would have realized that they are indebted to a goat for the discovery of this invigorating beverage.

The tours and the exhibit in the coffee museum take the visitors to the journey of the coffee beans and the origins of coffee with a storytelling approach, all the while exhibiting the pieces of machinery and equipments that were used ages ago.  

The visitors will be able to see pots, grinders, roasters and other coffee making equipments used by the people of centuries ago.


The tour takes the fascinated visitors back to the times of traditional Turkish coffee making rituals and Ethiopian practices. The setting is complete with no detail missing, as it gives a genuine feeling of traveling back in time to see brewers dressed in traditional attire and brewing coffee just like the people of the past used to do.  Furthermore, the tours are not solely focused around regional coffee customs , but also pay homage to the long forgotten coffee practices of global culture.   

Other Activities:

In addition to tours and exhibitions, this coffee shrine also holds a reading room for the kids and a modern Café in one the upper rooms of the museum. Moreover people can also take home the barista equipments, historical books on coffee and home roasting, and other coffee accessories from the museum’s shops.

Contact and other information:  

The coffee museum is situated in the sand blasted and historical center of Dubai in Al Fahidi Heritage Village on Al Musallah Road in Dubai.

The museum management can be reached at:

Contact Details. +971 4 353 8777

Web Page: