The World

September 5th 2016


Human imagination knows no bounds. It can fly up to touch the sky and dig through the deepest pits unearth the core. But when that imagination is merged with human ingenuity, we are gifted with a wonder that is not only marveled by us, but our coming generations as well. And Dubai tourism sector adds one such attraction in the form of The World archipelago.

The World

Also called the World Islands is a collective chain of artificially created small islands constructed specially to look like the world map. The concept of the archipelago was brought forth by ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The archipelago is located in the Persian Gulf water just off the coast of Dubai. Initially when construction began in 2003, the majority of 300 islands being created were going to be under the control of the development company, Nakheel Properties. However, due to the financial crisis of 2008, over sixty percent of the islands were sold off to private investors. After a temporary halt in development, construction on most islands began again in 2014. The project encompasses an area of nine kilometers and is surrounded by an ovular shape which is comprised of tiny islands named Breakwater.


The World is handled by Nakheel Properties, a land development company known for its various land reclamations projects such as the Jumeriah Islands and The Universe Islands. Other than land reclamation, the company is also involved in large scale residential projects like Jumeirah Lake Towers, International City and The Gardens. Nakheel Properties subcontracted various top rated companies for linking waterways hubs, utilities, construction of power grids and the overall development. The company chose to develop a high end resort named the Coral Island which encompassed over twenty islands mainly occupying the North American part of the archipelago. Other islands in the archipelago such as Australia and New Zealand have also been purchased to develop resorts with work progressing rapidly. Most of the islands shaped to look like a certain European country are purchased by firms from those very countries. For example, the island meant to look like Ireland was purchased by an Irish firm for the express purpose of converting it into an Irish themed high end resort. 

The Tour

Despite rapid construction, none of the islands are deemed ‘ready’ as of now. However, once the development has been completed, most of the islands would be open to public in the form of hotels and resorts. Till that time, visitors can enjoy an aerial view of the islands by small private planes. The aerial tour promises to make people experience sights unlike any they have seen before.


To book your tour of the World, visit Trip Advisor and get ready for the ride of your life.