Tim Hortons

March 29th 2017


Tim Hortons might easily be one of the best gifts from Canada to the world. It is pretty effortless to find coffee shops anywhere in any part of the world, but to find one that tastes and costs like Tim Hortons’ is near impossible. And it is no exaggeration because a coffee brand cannot grow from one store to almost 5,000 stores all over the world for nothing. Tim Hortons certainly knows how to prepare some wickedly tasty blends for their patrons and to serve it with some yummylicious donuts and baked delights.

Over the years, Tim Hortons has gathered more loyal customers than Starbucks itself and a living example can be seen in one of their coffee shops in Dubai that is locate a few distance apart from Starbucks. The former is always bustling with the crowd and latter often seen reeling from one sort of criticism or another.

Worldwide Outlets:

Tim Hortons is a very big coffee giant and have up to 4613 restaurants in 9 countries in the world, with 33 coffee shops in Dubai alone. In addition to UAE and their home base Canada, following are some the countries where Tim Hortons’ outlets can be found:

ü  Doha, Qatar

ü  Saudi Arabia

ü  Philippines

ü Kuwait

ü  United States of America  



Tim Hortons: Cafe and Bake Shop

One of the most inspiring things about Tim Hortons is their vision and commitment to the world.  This coffee brand is a lot more than just a delicious cup of coffee. Tim Hortons work with the mission to bring good change and positive difference in every individual’s life. Their community work and endeavors to save the planet is commendable and laudable.

Coming to their culinary service to the world, Tim Hortons serves nothing less of fresh products and exemplary services. Their menu is extensive and covers the coffee preferences of a larger audience.


The service provided by the friendly staff of Tim Hortons gives a taste of home no matter where in the world where you are. Their restaurant seating is clean and cozy with Wi-Fi facilities in most outlets.

Delicious Offerings and Specialty:

There no comparison to the coffee that is prepared and served in Tim Hortons. Their menu includes extensive choices including premium coffee cappuccinos with flavors, homemade kind of soups, spatiality teas, hit sandwiches and fresh out of the oven baked delights.

Tim Hortons service to the community

Tim Hortons lend their generous lending hands to the communities that work day and night to produce coffees. They have an ongoing program named Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership invested with the mission of making a difference by improving the lives of small-scale coffee farmers.

Their other programs include Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and Timbits Minor Sports Program among many others.

Contact and Other Information:


You can get in touch with the restaurant by visiting their website at www.timhortons.com or and even tell them about your experience at http://www.telltims.com/ . Their active customer service makes ensures every single customer is happy.