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September 2nd 2016


Dubai is regarded as the tourism center of the world, which is visited by thousands of people each year. They come to the city of gold to spend some relaxing moments with their family and friends.


It has been seen that prior to visiting Dubai, everyone has an extensive list of things to do in Dubai. They want to explore every bit of the city to make the most out of their holiday trip. However, it is not always that easy to experience all of it with limited funds, unless you have access to a renowned tour guide.


There are a number of tour guides in Dubai that provide exquisite tour deals, including additional facilities like pick up and drop services, refreshment, photography and more, at very competitive prices. They give an exclusive chance to discover Dubai’s rich historical background and modern advancements via your trip. One such famous travel guide for the city is Trevaso Holidays.


The company goes an extra mile to ensure that you have a worthwhile experience in your Dubai tour. It  offers several packages to its customers to explore the city. Read on to discover what special features these packages offer.



Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari is as exciting as it sounds. It is an off-road excursion in which you ride in heavy vehicles like Land Cruizers and Hummers that are driven over massive sand dunes. It is also referred to as dune bashing as these four-wheel drives are tactically taken over sandy desert dunes, leaving you thrilled and excited.


The adventure of the tour is glorified by the beautiful desert’s sunset that gives you a feel of tranquility and calmness. You can capture these golden moments in your camera and share them with your friends later.


The mountainous adventure is then followed by a luscious dinner in the middle on the desert, in Bedouin camps. There you are served with vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffets, shihsa, beverages, and more. For the sake of your entertainment, traditional belly dance performances are also arranged by Trevaso Holidays.


Trevaso Holidays Cruises

The company not only provides land adventures to its customers, but also gives them an invaluable opportunity to explore the expansive sea via its cruises.


Trevaso Holidays has several cruise packages that vary from high class yachts to traditional Dhow boats. All the participants of the tour are picked from their locations and are taken to the boats in luxurious vehicles. Once loaded, the boats are ready to sail. These boats take you to some of the most magnificent water based attractions of the city, which include The Palm and The World Islands and provide you with a breathtaking view of Dubai's coastline, including the Burj Al Arab Hotel.


This tour package also provides refreshment facility to the participants, in which they are served traditional Arabian food, along with beverages.



Wildlife at Dubai

When you think of touring the exotic life of Dubai, you think elite hotels and desert safaris. Well, this place is so much more. Wildlife here is a perfect example. Trevaso Holidays offers you a guided tour of Dubai where you can encounter wildlife like the place’s iconic camels. If lucky enough, you will also be able to catch glimpses of exotic sand cats.


Other wildlife that you get to witness while on this tour includes Arabian red foxes and Oryx. Other dwellers of the desert are also a captive sight here. Moreover, Dubai is widely known for falconry. You will find a lot of professionals and hobbyists here. If it entices you to the extent, you can even opt for falconry lessons. In short, missing out on the wildlife lures of Dubai is just not an option you have.


City Tours

There is a reason why people from around the globe love visiting this land—it puts pretty much every recreational activity at their disposal. So, when you’re done touring the traditional side of Dubai, come visit the contemporary metropolis with luxurious malls to shop and sky-high towers to explore.


It is always enticing to see the transition this land has made from the traditional to contemporary in such a short matter of time. Some of the places you can visit in Dubai include the popular Dubai Museum, Burj-Al-Arab, Burj-Al-Khalifa, and Gold Souk, etc. The best part is that once you are done visiting these enthralling sites, Dubai puts some of the most exquisite hotels at your disposal. With Trevaso Holidays, you will be able to book top-notch rooms for extremely reasonable prices.


Heaven for Foodies

People love picking Dubai as their prime holiday destination for all sorts of reasons. While some people have a thing for desert safaris and exotic hotels, other solely visit this place for food. Yes! In addition to the scrumptious Arabian cuisine, you will find pretty much everything here from around the globe.


If you are torn apart between what you want to eat, or if you and your partner are craving different cuisines, Dubai is just the perfect place for you to visit—the food street! Although a bit busy, this place offers visitors with a long list of options to dine at. The best part of this place is that you don’t need to spend wildly on food. Unlike most eating alternatives in Dubai, the food street tends to offer some of the cheapest, yet authentic cuisines, especially if you’re craving an Asian or Arabian dish!


Finding the Right Packages

Opting for the right service in order to help plan your trip to Dubai matters quite a lot. With the right company by your side, you will be able to book the recreational activities that truly mesmerize your tour. Trevaso Holidays is among the best travelling services. They offer you packages that are not only economical, but also feature some of the best tours. 



If you want to know more about things to do in Dubai or have any query regarding the packages provided by Trevaso Holidays, you can contact them on +(971)525142050.