Veg World

October 5th 2016

Veg World is a fine restaurant that specially caters to the culinary needs of vegetarians in Dubai. It is among the top vegetarian restaurants in Dubai and is placed in Meena Bazar at Al Hassen Centre in Bur Dubai. It is an excellent restaurant that not only offers full meals but also serves a healthy dose of fast food items that are all veggies.

An Economical Choice

Veg World is one of the most economical vegetarian restaurants in Dubai. It also has a diverse menu and just does not attempt to serve you with limited choices in order to provide cheap service. There are lots of choices for people who love their veggies.

Even meat lovers sometimes need to take a pedal off and they can also enjoy the nice meals on offer at this restaurant. The meals on offer here are great for health and also do not cost much when compared to the more fancy restaurants often found in other parts of the city.

Value for Money

There is often the problem of quality when looking for the services of restaurants that provide economical food choices. Fortunately, Veg World is a place that serves excellent food and does not compromise on the quality of raw ingredients used to prepare these vegetable delights.

It is one of the best restaurants in Dubai in terms of value for money. One look at its menu will let you know that two persons can easily have their full meal here in just 30 AED which is a real delight in these days when it is very difficult to find economical food places in Dubai.

Well Rounded Menu

As pointed out earlier, the restaurant has not diminished the menu items for their savings. It has quite a large menu with a lot of choices for diners. It has a large number of South Indian specialties. It also offers various “chats” as well as serves typical Indian breakfast items.

It has many burgers and sandwiches on the menu as well which are priced very economically. Veg pizzas in different flavors are also available here and you can also enjoy the traditional Bhaji Pav which is an Indian specialty food.

Another specialty in their menu is a host of Chinese dishes. It serves all kinds of Chinese starters and rice dishes. All in all it is an excellent restaurant that can serve a great part of the expatriate population in Dubai.

Opening Hours

9 AM to 12 PM



+04 3517070.