Visiter Dubai Private Day Tours

September 2nd 2016


Do you want to enjoy visit the city of Dubai to learn about more one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world? Do you want to visit the architectural landmarks and symbols of structural elegance, which have earned Dubai great popularity? Then a Dubai City Tour is the perfect way to enjoy your trip to the city, and strike off some things to do in Dubai from your checklist. Visiter Dubai Private Day Tours offers numerous tours for maximum enjoyment.     


Dubai City Tour


Join the tour group to visit some of the most popular landmarks and important sites in the city which will take your breath away! This is a 4 to 5 hours tour, in which a guide will take you to some of the most popular buildings in the city.

The tour guide will organize the trip so that you can understand the true essence of the city. The tour will start with a trip to the Jumeirah Mosque, and then you will visit the Jumeirah suburb. A must visit to the Burj al Arab, the 7 star hotel is also included in the list of amazing places you get to visit throughout the tour.


After a visit to the 8th wonder of the world and the most luxurious hotel of the world, the guided tour will continue towards the Dubai Creek. It will then follow with a trip to the Dubai Museum. After that, it is the planned tour of the different souks of the city. You will visit the Spice souk, Meena Bazar and the gold souk. The Meena Bazar is also locally known as the fabric souk and is a must visit, when you set out for a tour of the city.


The tour also includes a trip across the Creek, in traditional and stylish wooden boats, which are a part of the culture and history of the city, and are called Abras.


Historic Dubai Tour


While new Dubai is spectacular and glorious enough to keep you mesmerized and engrossed every second of your trip, the best way to learn about a city is to learn about its history. Nothing can be more amazing than learning about the past of a city which is the most popular place in the world and a symbol of affluence and prosperity.


This tour is dedicated to the old parts of Dubai, and will help you understand how the local tribes inhabiting the area, used to live before the discovery of oil in the region. The wealth of oil was discovered in the 60’s, and before that, the city had a very different and unique lifestyle compared to the luxurious comfort and stylish elegance you see today.


The tour visit is focused around the Creek area, and you will visit the Al Fahidi/ bastakia town, which is known to be one of the oldest places in Dubai. Then, a visit will be made to the Dubai Museum and the Shaikh Zaeed Museum, where you can learn more about the history of the city.


The tour includes crossing the Creek in the traditional abras, in order to reach the gold and spice souk for a visit. You can investigate and try to discover the different hidden places concealed behind the touristy main roads. The historic city tour lasts for 4 to 5 hours.


 Check off the things to do in Dubai from your list and visit to learn more about the tours offered by Visiter Dubai Private Day Tours, or call them at +971-50-919-48-36.