Wolfi's Bike Shop

September 2nd 2016


Wolfi’s Bike Shop or WBS has become one of the most important places in Dubai in recent days. That’s because an increasing number of people in Dubai are turning to bike riding and transporting themselves all over Downtown Dubai. After all, riding is one of the healthiest and most fun things to do in Dubai.


Wolfi’s Bike Shop is growing well and keeping pace with the cycling community all over Dubai. The shop first opened in 1987, and opened a franchise in 2002. This gives them more than twenty-five years of experience with managing the cycling retail company. There is a cycle for everyone in the Dubai community, which ensures that children and adults can have a fun experience.


If you are a visitor in Dubai, and if you have a list of things to do in Dubai, but are in need of an affordable and comfortable ride, then WBS has a wide range of options. You can find a bike not just for yourself, but for your children too.


Road Bikes




If you have planned a list of things to do on the road, like riding through the dunes of Dubai desert, or if you want to drive through Downtown Dubai City, then road bikes are a must-have. WBS offers a wide range of bike options to visitors and cycling community members.


They have Scott Bicycles, which are bikes from a Swiss company. They look beautiful and provide a comfortable ride. They also have the Storck Bicycles, which have a cutting-edge design to offer high-level performance. If you are a professional rider, then you will love the experience these bikes offer. Besides that, they look just as good as Scott Bicycles, even if their appearance is different.


The Cervélo Bicycles are also just amazing. In fact, if there is one great thing to do among the list of things to do in Dubai, it is riding the Cervélo bike. It is aerodynamic, which tells you that the experience is nothing short of flying in the air. It glides and offers the rider a one of a kind experience.


Another important brand the WBS offers its customers is the Colnago brand of bicycles. They have an Italian style, so if you are looking for something that grabs attention aesthetically, then these are the bikes for you!


Women’s Bikes


If your companion is a woman, then there is nothing better than taking her along, by your side as you explore Dubai. Get her a WBS bike and have fun!


The Scott Contessa Ladies bicycle is also a women’s bike with a completely feminine design. It also comes with other accessories like a helmet and sunshades. This is a Scott design, and it even works amazingly for children. It is ideal for a race down the road.


Mountain Bikes in Dubai

The mountain bikes at WBS are also a remarkable collection that you must try, especially when you go riding in the mountainous regions of Dubai. They have a variety by Storck and Scott manufacturers. The amazing thing about them is that they are light, and have the dual-suspension frames. These work amazingly for men, women, and children (teenagers).


To book a bicycle or more, simply visit the Wolfi’s Bike Shop at http://wbs.ae/, or call them on +971 4 3394453.