Yahoo Day Tours LLC

September 2nd 2016


‘Seeing is believing,’ and until you book a tourist package at the Yahoo Day Tours LLC, you will not be able to witness how wonderful their services are. They know the best things to do in Dubai, and they know exactly how to make you fall in love with this city.

Here’s a list of things to do in Dubai at extremely affordable prices, and the packages that Yahoo Day Tours LLC offers. The best part is that each package has something special to offer:

Desert Safari

The tourism team at the Yahoo Day Tours picks you up from the hotel, and your thrilling six-hour journey begins by visiting the desert dunes. It is a thrilling experience of a lifetime to drive in golden dunes, and witness a spectacular sunset. You will also spend time in a traditional Arab camp where the people welcome you warmly. You will get to enjoy the ambiance at the Bedouin campsite; within a relaxing and comfortable traditional setup with carpets, cultural cushions, and low tables. Of course, a camel ride is a must-do thing.

You will get to spend time savoring the rich coffee and Shisha (hubbly bubbly) as well. Before your trip ends, you will have a wonderful barbecue meal, with salads and specialties. There will be music and belly dancers as well; and henna for women who want to try it on. If you want to have some snap shots taken with a falcon on your shoulder, then this is the opportunity of a lifetime, don’t waste it!

Your journey begins at 3pm and ends at 9pm, and reporting time is of 2:30pm. The price of this package starts from AED 200.

Hot Air Balloon

Are you ready to pierce the skies and fly between the clouds? There is no better place for this than Dubai and the Yahoo Day Tours team will make your dream come true. There are many things to do in Dubai but a view of Dubai from up above is simply mesmerizing and exhilarating! You will see the beaches, ocean, and beauty of Dubai first hand. While travelling through Dubai by road or on a cruise is fun, flying above it, is equally worth it. You will fly over fossil rocks, the Red Desert, and several magical landscapes that will make this trip perfect.

Because the trip begins early in the morning, the fresh air will work like magic and keep you fresh as you witness the famous high rises on the Dubai Skyline. Besides this, you will drive to the Hajar Mountains, which are a marvel on their own. Make sure you go with your camera to capture views that you shouldn’t miss. After all this, Yahoo Day Tours LLC will drop you back at your hotel in Dubai.

The prices vary for adults and children, while being free for infants. It’s a five-hour trip, 4am-9am; your reporting time is 3:30am. You will get refreshments inclusive of the package.


Call Yahoo Day Tours LLC on +971 52 832 3534 today to book your package!