Zagol Restaurant

October 5th 2016

It may not be a large one, but it sure is worthy of a try. Zagol Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Dubai, which serves authentic Ethiopian food. The restaurant is located on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Rd, Al Karama in Dubai. It is not a lavish or a big restaurant, but the food is remarkable.

Zagol Restaurant is known for its variety of Ethiopian delights and the classic taste that it has managed to deliver in its dishes just like the ancient times. It may be small, but it has everything that makes an exclusive restaurant; friendly staff, quick service, delish food, fair pricing and a gratifying atmosphere.

The Food

Ethiopia is known to be a place where anatomically modern people emerged for the first time, which was about 200,000 years ago. The remains, which proved this fact are called Omo remains. Ethiopia can also be called the state of modern flavors; the food consists of many different ingredients, which add up different flavors to the dish. When you take a bite, the flavors burst out in your mouth relishing every taste bud.

The food at Zagol Restaurant adequately delivers every bit of the ancient and modern taste that is a part of the Ethiopian cuisines. The ingredients used in every dish are picked very carefully and the cooking process is very precise; it isn’t an easy task to serve a good Ethiopian food; not everyone can do it.


Zagol Restaurant is among the few Ethiopian restaurants in Dubai that uses traditional ingredients in their dishes. Berbere is a mixture of chili pepper powder and other spices; it is one of the most essential traditional ingredients and is used in almost every Ethiopian dish. But, it’s very hard to find and therefore, it is made by the restaurants.

Another important ingredient is Mitmita. It is a seasoning mix used in Ethiopian cuisines. It contains birdseye chili peppers, cardamom seed, cloves and salt. It may include other spices, such as; cinnamon, cumin and ginger, according to the taste of the dish.

Apart from the ingredients, different Ethiopian dishes are cooked in different cooking oils; some may be cooked in sunflower, sesame or olive oil, while others may require animal fat.

To make the perfect ingredient, precision is needed and this is a part where everyone else may lack, but Zagol Restaurant doesn’t. Perfect mixture of traditional ingredients can be called as the secret to the divine taste of dishes served by the Zagol Restaurant.

Service, Atmosphere and Presentation

As it is not a very large restaurant, therefore the service is pretty quick. The food presentation is also very fascinating. It is decorated and presented according to the Ethiopian traditions; the food looks as good as it tastes.

The staff is friendly and interacts in a gratifying manner. They can be quite funny sometimes to entertain you and make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The atmosphere is not very unique, but it sure is clean and comfortable. The layout of the restaurant is normal like any other restaurant in Dubai. Some of the traditional décor is used to reflect the Ethiopian culture.


If you wish to visit the Zagol Restaurant or want to get more information; call on: +971 50 323 1822.